Feature pieces

Social media lifeline for international students | Meld Magazine

Gen (wh)Y: saving the lost generation | Upstart Magazine

Why Melbourne really is the most livable city in the world | Meld Magazine

An insider’s guide to picking a cafe in Melbourne | Meld Magazine

3 ideas for a first date | Meld Magazine

How important is Facebook relationship status to you? | Meld Magazine

Coffee: the quintessential Melbourne experience | PDF (2.5MB) | Meld Magazine

Stories and Opinion Pieces

Why gaming can make you a better person | Meld Magazine

Forget myki – I’m holding onto my Metcard | Meld Magazine

Rebound: Only this isn’t basketball, it’s relationships | Meld Magazine

Us vs. them | Farrago

She’s just not that into you | Meld Magazine

A- is an Asian F | Farrago

Tutorial 101 | Farrago

Do you believe in platonic relationships? | Meld Magazine

My friend, you have been dumped | Meld Magazine

The Youngest Child Syndrome | Meld Magazine

No pain no gain? The importance of being beautiful | Meld Magazine

Now, it feels like home | PDF (127 KB) | Farrago

Puppy Love | Meld Magazine

On Celebrating Chinese New Year | Meld Magazine

On graduation and beyond… | Meld Magazine

The ugly truth – finishing a degree to start another one | Meld Magazine

The definition of success | PDF (365KB) | Meld Magazine

Life overseas: getting comfy under your own skin | PDF (541KB) | Meld Magazine

How important are grades to you? | PDF (520KB)| Meld Magazine [one of Meld’s top stories in 2011]

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Indonesian Fine Arts student Join Silica Liong connects the dots | Meld Magazine

From student to biz wiz: Ivan Tandyo | Meld Magazine

Move over Brooklyn… Papua is claiming the pop ‘n’ lock | Meld Magazine

Students fund children’s charity through Project O: Reboot | PDF (2.2MB) | Meld Magazine

Indonesian Film Festival 2011: a sneak peak | PDF (1.2MB) | Meld Magazine

Indonesian Film Festival 2011: an insider’s look into the world of Indonesian cinema | PDF (594 KB) | Meld Magazine


Fan diary: Notes from David Choi’s Forever and Ever Tour in Melbourne | Meld Magazine

Escape from Camp 14 (Book Review) | Meld Magazine

O-Week: Clubs and Societes Expo 2012 | Meld Magazine

The Supper Market at Abbotsford Convent | Meld Magazine

The League of Honest Coffee | PDF (1.4MB) | Meld Magazine

Review: Face to Face | PDF (578KB) | Meld Magazine

Soul Surfer (review) | PDF (1.7MB) | Meld Magazine

Guest Posts

Life, on its own terms. Srsly. | PDF (3.6MB) | The Naked Listener Blog

But In The End, I Didn’t Do Anything | PDF (303KB) | Melbourne RiffRaff

Why Are You Here? | PDF (147KB) | Melbourne RiffRaff

When Apple and Blackberry were just Fruits | PDF (197KB) | Melbourne RiffRaff

News Stories

Volunteers Needed for Carlton Harmony Day Festival | Meld Magazine

1 in 3 international students evade fares: “it’s just too expensive” | Meld Magazine

ASOS comes to Australia | PDF (365KB) | Meld Magazine

Call to abolish international students’ 20-hour work restrictions | PDF (569KB) | Meld Magazine

Working in Australia: visas, taxes, minimum pay and rights | PDF (332KB) | Meld Magazine

Weekly news round-up: who’s who in Australia, cool iPhone apps, and updates from Japan and Libya | PDF (700KB) | Meld Magazine

Collins place fire, workers evacuated | PDF (332KB) | Meld Magazine

Other Articles

Best places to keep fit in Carlton PDF | PDF (4.4MB) | Meld Magazine

Food and drink: exploring Lygon St, Carlton | PDF (4.3MB)| Meld Magazine

Three things to do in Melbourne this summer | PDF (1.3MB) | Meld Magazine

Open till late: best places to study in Melbourne | PDF (1.2MB) | Meld Magazine


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