The 3 people I adore

Let’s play a game. Name the famous people you adore, they can be alive or dead, and they can’t be someone that you know in personal basis (friends, family, mentor, or colleagues). How many do you have?

I have three.

Curious to know who my heroes are?

Jeff Goins

photo by Ashley Goins, taken from

A writer on, Goins has influenced my writing a lot, as he shares his life journey. While coming to his blog accidentally, I end up browsing on his site for hours, downloading his first ebook, The Writer’s Manifesto, and buying his just published book, You are a writer (so start acting like one).

While there are countless of people who blog about writing and dropping hints and tips here and there, I haven’t found someone whose tips are simple, and yet able to stir something inside my heart. He’s the crazy one who tells me that I must believe that I am a writer, a term that I’m still uncomfortable with because deep down I still think that being a writer is not self-given, but it’s earned.

Mitch Albom

A die-hard fan of Mitch Albom, I have read all his novels at least twice. While his novels are easy to read, the stories that are written are very sincere, and every holiday I crave to read at least one of his books again. Five People You Meet in Heaven is my personal favourite.

But not only a writer with best-seller novels, Mitch Albom is also a sport journalist, and he is actively involved in many charity projects.

Randy Pausch

Everyone who knows me must have heard me quoting Randy Pausch at least once. I mention his name a lot in this blog, as well as to many other people. I have always encouraged people to read his book – The Last Lecture, that I accidentally discovered while browsing in a deserted bookshop, and to watch his final lecture.

As a virtual reality professor in Carnegie Mellon, Randy Pausch has inspired many people about living. If I can have dinner with someone who has died, it would be him (not Walt Disney as I used to answer). While having lost his battle towards pancreatic cancer years ago, to this day I would still watch his lecture at least once every three months, and re-read his book regularly.

He is truly someone that I look up to.

Do you have any famous people that you adore?

Ps. Dear readers, I’m currently migrating my site to: Look out for the official web-warming invitation in the next week!


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