Love plus Japanese dating game (NDS): when love is just a game

With the advancement of technology people do not need to work extra hard to get a girlfriend. It is just one Nintendo DS away.

Love plus Japanese dating game on Nintendo DS

Love plus Japanese dating game is “insanely popular” among the boys, both single and taken, which features virtual girlfriend that can be taken anywhere.

You can kiss her (by kissing your NDS screen), pat her, touch her (using the stick), and do everything that couples do. Heck, you can even marry her.

The Sydney Morning Herald paper says:

“I’m so happy so many people were able to witness this,” SAL9000, the man who married his virtual girlfriend, wrote in a letter to tech culture blog, calling it a milestone in his life.

“Some people have expressed doubts about my actions, but at the end of the day, this is really just about us as husband and wife. As long as the two of us can go on to create a happy household, I’m sure any misgivings about us will be resolved.

“The two of us hope to continue to let our love for each other grow as time goes on.”

While the game is said to train the boys on how to treat women, the extent on which it helps is still questionable.

For me? I am glad that the game is only released in Japanese language. I am grateful that he doesn’t own a Nintendo DS (not that he would play the game anyway). And considering the pros and cons, I would never give my consent for him to play this game, ever.


I think one needs to know where to draw the line between fantasy and real world.

And for the girlfriends who give permission for their boyfriends to play this game? Their call. I, for one, wouldn’t want to share his love with anything. Love is not for sale. It’s especially not bought by playing games.

A virtual girlfriend? Seriously?

Wouldn’t he compare? To a virtual girlfriend that’s more timid, more perfect, more beautiful, more handy – a girlfriend that’s able to be carried around on his pocket to anywhere?

Wouldn’t his eyes transfixed towards a screen? Wouldn’t half of his time taken away?

Wouldn’t the game poison his mind?

Or so I believe.

If normal video games can do harm to humans, so does a dating game. Plus, it deals with his emotional side. The damage, if present, is unimaginable. He can even marry his virtual girlfriend, go to honeymoon, and…

I know some people would say that, “It’s just a game.” But I wouldn’t want him to play with fire.

Will you allow your partner to have a virtual girlfriend?


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