Love-hate relationship with timetabling

When uni says that the class registration button would be active from 10am today, it lied.

Stupidly enough I woke up at 6am, Indonesia time only to realise that due to daylight savings, Melbourne is only three hours difference instead of four. I went back to my room, took shower, and packed my luggage.

Oh, I was in Batam for a friend’s wedding, staying at a hotel at this point.

At 6.45 I came back down (because the wifi internet access was only available in the lobby). I clicked refresh again and again for 15 minutes so that when the timetabling portal opened, I would be one of the first lucky people to arrange their timetable and be done with it. Done and dusted.

At 6.59am, the site crashed.

At 7.01, the server couldn’t load at all.

And for the next five minutes, I was still frantically trying to refresh, re-load, and try all different tactics to get me to the student portal. Gee, what a pain.

7.06, I got in, with a speed that even a match with tortoise would be shameful…

After panicking for the next fifteen minutes, I managed to do everything done. By 7.20, I was really one of the first people who are lucky enough to secure a half-handsome looking timetable.

At 7.45, Facebook was still buzzing with students trying to log in and secure their tutorial times. Time for coffee.

The love-hate relationship

Last semester I had the best and worst timetable ever. Best because I only had three days of uni with no gaps in between the subjects. Worst because there is one 8am lecture (which I only came on 3 lectures out of 12 last semester). Just because the portal crashed right when I tried to log in.

And because I was doing my timetabling in Indonesia which Internet was super retarded, it took me two hours to arrange my timetable last semester. Uh-oh.

The same happened during my second year. During first year I was not yet a snob who tried to get the best timetabling in order to have some days off (to do internship, go work, or have brunch).

Hopefully, today would be last of my timetabling nightmare, ever.

Marcella’s out. Time to have a feast at the hotel’s breakfast! Would be going back to Singapore in a couple of hours, and possibly visiting Universal Studio Singapore or Harry Potter exhibition. Oh I love holiday :).


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