One Fri-Day

You wouldn’t believe what I’ve done today.

Being unable to sleep for three straight days, I woke up at around 10am in the morning, made hot chocolate milk, had my breakfast, read the Bible, and listened to a podcast by Michael Hyatt about building your platform. It was awesome.

One hour later, I washed the pile of dishes that I’ve left rotting in the sink for weeks, and showered. I looked at the clock. It was almost 12.

Reluctantly, I brew some more hot water, and while having instant cup noodle for lunch, I skimmed through my notes.

Oh, did I mention that I was going to have an exam in two hours?

At a little bit after one o’clock, I made my move. I walked to my exam hall, sat on the exam, went on autopilot, and got out of the building in a disbelief mode that I have actually just finished my second exam. I met an old friend, had a great catch up, and headed to the city to go shopping.

Well, I need to buy some gifts before my flight home next Wednesday.

I shopped until six.

After that I had dinner, went home, and to my delight I found a book that I bought online two weeks ago – MamaMia: A memoir of mistakes, magazines, and motherhood – sitting nicely inside my mail box. I brew some tea, snuggled on my couch, and began reading.

At around 9.30 my Dad called to ask about how I’d go at the exam. I think I replied with a lousy, “Was ok…” I talked for about fifteen minutes, and decided to bake brownies. At 9.45 at night.

The whole process of making brownies was something that I can do without even being conscious. I have made brownies at least 20 times before so that I know how to make one even without looking at my Mom’s recipe. I could multitask. Melting the chocolate and butter while whisking the egg and sugar – check. Almost forgot to pre-heat the oven, but quickly turn it into 170 degree – check. Sifting the flour while mixing all the mixture at the same time – check.

And after throwing the mixture into the oven, I tried to re-book a flight for my Mom (from Singapore to Jakarta). I called the service center, while my sister is on the phone with my Dad for credit card issue, and in the next twenty minutes, I turned off the timer of the oven, getting the brownies out of the oven for it to rest, constantly talking to the service center lady, and pressing my sister who was talking on the phone with my Dad for credit card details.

So now at around a quarter past eleven, I sat down with my handsome-looking brownies next to me.

And I’m about to pack those brownies, and continue reading the MamaMia memoir. It’s truly a fascinating read. Love it.

What about exam on Monday? You haven’t even touched a single page, haven’t you?

Well, technically I have studied (10 per cent of it), and I’m nowhere near the mood of studying. And considering it’s the hardest subject in my whole university life, I think I’m forgiven (or not).

Now I have eaten my third brownies of the day. Someone. please. stop. me. from. eating.

*munching the fourth.

Hope you all have a terrific Friday.

my handsome-looking brownies. or not…


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