One Lovely Blog Award

I apologise for the very belated post, but finally I’m able to give a shout out to express my gratitude! :).

A couple of weeks ago Kayi and Zara, as well as their lovely mother, Phillipa, nominated my blog for “One Lovely Blog Award”. It’s truly an amazing feeling to be receiving this award, so thank you so much, Phillipa, Kayi, and Zara! I really hope you do enjoy your stay at my blog.

According to the rules of this nomination, I would have to tell you seven things about myself, so here they are:

1. I am a writer, and I have started to declare to be one. That said, I am also a lazy student, a theme park maniac, a Disney CEO wanna be, and a very fond sleeper.

2. I am a very lousy cook, but I am trying my best. So far, all the food I’ve cooked is edible. I just cooked the weirdest thing on earth though. I was following a Chinese stir-fry pork recipe from the internet and it turned out to taste very weird. (Some combination of five Chinese spices, soy sauce, ginger, and all that). It’s still edible, but…

3. I cried buckets when watching Armageddon two days ago.

4. When I am stressed, or am pressured into doing something (read: studying for exam), I turn out to be a very good housewife. In the past week, I have vacuumed, changed my bedsheet, cooked, cooked, washed dishes, did laundry, cooked, ironed the clothes, cooked, did laundry, ironed the clothes again, and washed dishes for the nth time.

5. I need about one hour from opening my eyes to actually dragging myself out of bed. Except when it’s urgent.

6. I kissed my sister goodnight on the cheek every single night.(Nope, I’m not a lesbian. A bit of sister complex, perhaps).

7. I hate winter. Thank you for whoever-that-invented-the-super-cool-heather.

As of nominating 15 other bloggers, of course my first pick is to return the favour to Kayi, Zara, and Phillipa on their blog – World on a Platter! Writings from food, parenting, to journeys – they all have them :).

Yet to my complete shame I haven’t been following many new blogs recently (I almost can’t call myself a blogger), so I would ‘borrow’ the list that I have made before. Hopefully I would kick out my watching TV habit in the near future and read more.

check The Versatile Blog Award post for more detail on the list.

Thank you once again for sharing this blogging journey with me – it’s been a terrific ride so far! :)

Yours truly,



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