Weekly Wraps

I have to admit, I haven’t been reading a lot lately. I have just realised that no matter how much I read and how much I take in, I would filter it. There’s no use of too much reading if in the end I’m not really implementing of what’s I’ve been reading.

(Is that a good excuse?)

Anyway, I only have two inspirational articles for you to read today, one is about journalism (yes, just because I’m studying and working as a journalist at the same time – and yes, I consider my voluntary internship as a job), and the other one is about relationship.

1. Forget That Survey. Here’s Why Journalism Is The Best Job Ever.

I feel like giving this author a big hug. Why? Because even though the reality says that being a journalist is a no-go:

  1. we would only be able to make quite low-to-average amount of money (and not a generous one),
  2. we would work to death as it is our baby – it’s our creativity and our own creation at stake, and
  3. we would bleed with no work insurance, just because it is such a competitive world,

we would still choose to be journalists.

First of all, our jobs require us to keep on learning, which is fun (most of the time), and yes, we would get paid to read a ton. Scrolling Twitter in the morning is justifiable, in fact it’s expected, just because we need to be plugged in.

We would meet interesting people, and not necessarily need to be celebrities. Interesting people are everywhere, but being a journalist gives you the VIP card to ask controversial questions which you would not even dare to ask your best friend. Cool.

Who says we are stressed? We are excited – which is somewhat true. I work with blood, tears, and sweat to finish a 10% worth assignment, while not really putting the same amount of effort for my 40% non-journalism ones. We are proud of our own creation, and we are willing to give everything we’ve got out there.

We will go places – and we will get that luxury of going to pre-screening movies and free tickets to events.

And – depending on how you see it, can be a blessing or a curse – we are constantly looking for stories, even when we are not working. And we took pride of being able to tell an ordinary story to become an extraordinary. Well, my motto is, everyone’s got a story worth telling. You just need to dig deeper to know it. And even if it’s a boring one, it’s a journalist’s job to figure out the angle and make it interesting.

But yes, being a journalist would cause so much drama.

2. Balancing Opposite Sex Friendships

This is the letter that I would write to myself at 16. If only I know, I wouldn’t have caused much heartbreaks.

Darling—no man, no matter how good of a friend he is to you, should be the one you confide in about all the turbulent places this world will take your sweet heart and mind.  He cannot be your validation when your self-esteem has been challenged, and he will not be able to speak into those inherent longings inside you that only a woman would understand.  Remember that who you need to be filled with is the One who made you, not the one standing in front of you. 

Have a great weekend all!


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