A simple postcard that makes my day

I walked home to my apartment from uni thinking that, “Right, as soon as I arrived, I need to do this, this, this and that. Assignments, assignments, and more assignments.” I made a pit stop and started looking out for mails.

They were just usual mails for my sister, but there was one post card, and it had my name written on it.

At first, I was confused. I turned the postcard and looked at the sender’s place. It was Adelaide. Whoa, wait a second, I don’t have any friends in Adelaide. Plus, my birthday’s in a week’s time, so what’s it about?

Then I read the first line.

“Dearest, Marcy.”

There’s only one person in the whole world that calls me that.

Her name is Esther.

Esther and I, having a free Ben and Jerry ice cream at uni!

Our friendship starts two years ago, when we accidentally took the same breadth subject: Critical Thinking With Data. Not only we swore that that subject ruined our lives forever (now when we see a graph or a news article, we screamed at how inadequately presented it is), luckily enough, we become friends.

She was the first person to ask me to have lunch together in uni. And I’d always, always remember how it felt like to be eating your lunch alone with your laptop, not because you wanted to finish your assignment, but because you had no one to have lunch with.

After surviving the weird and demanding subject together, oddly enough we have just realised that we also took the same psychology class: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour (MBB) 1. We continued our friendship to the next level in Semester 2, taking MBB2 together. She betrayed us all (Ruiting, Joel, and I – who were all taking Psychology subjects) in second year by deciding not to take any psychology subjects, but we have always remained friends.

A 'letter' from Esther written in my notebook during a Psych subject lecture. First year, second semester. I know, she invented so many names for me.

We’ve been to places: Joel’s apartment during a cookout event, some park near the city to have BBQ (twice), Luna Park, and if I remember correctly, she has one sleepover at my place, while watching the movie The Tourist together. We have countless lunch together, and we are currently doing a ballroom dance class together.

I haven’t seen her as much as I had last year; we have different subjects and courses in uni and sometimes it’s hard to find a time to meet. I hope I’m not making excuses not to meet up, because, I wouldn’t want to loss a friend like you. If everyone has one friend just like you, Esther, I believe the world would become a better place. I truly believe that.

Thank you for the postcard, dear, it would be hanging on my fridge, so that everytime I’m craving for food, I’ll remember you :).

A post card from Esther, with my address covered up on purpose.

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