Sleep deprivation and sleepiness are inversely proportional to each other

Have you ever experienced the days that you have less hours of sleep are the days when you are less sleepy during the day? I have.

It is not scientifically proven, nor it is psychologically tested. But after (almost) 20 years of living on this earth and sleeping for (more than) a third of my waking hours, I have finally realised something: the less I sleep, the less sleepy I am.

It is not as bad as it sounds, and in fact, I would rather sleep more and more and become sleepy rather than become sleep deprived. However, this is a peculiar phenomenon.

Consider that I need around eight to nine hours of good sleep each night to function optimally, seven hours sleep will make me the sleepiest, six hours sleep will make me sleepy, but less sleepy than having seven hours sleep, and four hours sleep would actually make me be awake for the rest of the day.

I went home at around 2.30am in the morning on Saturday, slept for around five to six hours, and I was able to stay awake until midnight on Sunday, without even getting sleepy during Sunday service.

But when I have seven hours sleep (slightly less than what I need), I would become sleepy throughout the day, and would not be able to concentrate on lectures or tutorials.

The point here is not to sleep less, of course. Because even if you are awake for the whole day after those five hours sleep, your body is awake, but your brain is on a sleep mode. It is aware of the surroundings, it is just unable to act accordingly. On Sunday night I have the most horrible writer’s and reader’s block ever, and finally chosen to just watch some movies (and not sleeping. I was just not sleepy. This is weird.) while drinking my tea.

After the long Sunday, I decided to skip all my classes today (Easter’s break is over, I know), and focus on my podcast assignment (that is due tomorrow, I might upload the podcast here tomorrow night or Wednesday night just in case any of you is curious of what my voice sounds like), my feature article on Mother’s day which is due in two days, and my never-ending to-do-list which always getting longer and longer.

In the meantime, I fancy a cup of hot tea.

Happy Monday people, I can’t believe it’s already one week before I turn 20.

sneak peak on the nearly 20-year-old (note: can you find the oddity of this picture?)


2 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation and sleepiness are inversely proportional to each other

  1. actually you’re right but research also shows that us in between 21 to 24 years old must have enough sleep everyday or we will take the toll when we are old..that’s why I can sleep up to 10 hours everyday even on hectic days lol the longest I stay awake is almost 40 hours after a 10 hours sleep..

  2. 40 sleepless hours…? wow, I can’t even go more than 18. I think among all else, I love my sleep too much (plus, I won’t be able to function if I’m not having enough sleep anyway… so…). But seriously, 40 sleepless hours? lol.

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