long vs short hair

To start at the end, I miss my long hair.

To start at the beginning, I hate my ex-long hair.

When I was young(er), I have decided to not cut my hair and just let it grow longer and longer. My hair is black, straight, and I love it. But it is annoying, really, really annoying. Not only it requires a great amount of shampoo (and hence drains my bank account even more), sometimes it also has split-ends and worse, they make my bathtub clogged because it is full of stranded long hairs. Yuck, don’t even imagine the situation.

When I was 18, I cut my hair. Not for, say, 10 cms when you can grow it back easily. No, from a girl with a long hair, I was transformed into a girl with a guy’s style hair. Yep, that short.

Now, one year and three months later, my hair is not as long as I want it to be. I thought that cutting my hair short would not have a permanent effect – you know, hair does grow fast, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t I be looking at around half a year to let it grow towards its original length? Not really.

What’s worse is, he told me that he personally likes girls with long hair, right after I made it super short (to his credit, he chased me after I cut my hair). Uh-oh.

My older sister scolds me everyday because, well, I don’t know if my hair has some kind of issues, but it just keeps on falling. It’s natural, perhaps, but 90 per cent of the bathroom clogging happens because of me. Not to say the very dirty floor full of, well, fallen hair. It makes me a bit frustrated that I almost decide to cut it again, except from the fact that I actually miss having a long hair – you know, you can curl it, perm it, style it in anyway you want, and it still looks great.

And now, I’m in what most people call as the “grey zone”, you know, not long, not short, but just, medium-length hair. It’s hard to be curled because it’s not long, but leaving it be is a pain because it’s not that short either.

Girls, do you like short, medium, or long hair?


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