When being impulsive is needed

Do you think too much? Sometimes life is to be lived by reading between the lines, and by making impulsive decisions.

Life has always taught us to think before we speak. We are also taught to think before we decide, and to think, before we translate our thoughts into actions. We are taught to think first, because, the phase after thinking means that the damage’s done. And when it’s done, it’s done.

But I’m one of those people who always think too much. When this is the case, usually, nothing gets done. Weighting the consequences, the pros and the cons and making a beautiful colourful chart about them will just prolong the decision. In fact, most of the best decisions I’ve made in life are based on mere impulsiveness.

Why sometimes life needs some impulsive decisions

Of course, we do not buy a car impulsively, or sign that 30-year mortgage after being charmed by the seller during our 15 minutes meeting. We do not impulsively decide that we will go into med school, or even punch that guy just because he is so damn annoying.

But for everything else, sometimes we need to give ourselves that leniency and start to make impulsive decisions. Because sometimes the best things in life happens when we do not think too much and just let your gut feeling decide it for you. Or your heart, whichever you believe in more.

Where should I go? Stop thinking too much and just follow your heart.

What happens in Meld…

I have been a journalist in Meld for about one and a half year now and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have learned so much, and Meld makes me a better writer. But I didn’t think for 24 hours in order to join Meld, I only had 24 seconds.

A friend of mine, Steven, was (still is) doing media subjects with me back in the first year. He googled about writing opportunities, came across Meld website, and shot the editor an e-mail. He messaged me afterwards, asking if whether I’d like to join him to apply to Meld. I was a newbie blogger and a newbie media student back then, but I did make a promise with myself to become a better writer.

But, joining an online magazine would mean taking my freedom away, confiscating my free time which can be used to relax, to watch more movies, and to sleep more, wouldn’t it?

I was about to say, “I’ll think about it,” but we all know what that actually means. So what the heck, I replied yes.

What happens in Ballroom dance class…

We all have childhood dreams. For me, it’s learning ballroom dance. A friend of mine, Ruiting, was joining the Melbourne University Dancesport Club (MUDC) back in the first year and she asked me to come with her. However, thinking that “it’s too much to handle”, I said that “I’ll think about it.” She came back to ask my answer two years later.

Going to the free class on the first week, I was tempted to join, but I knew this once a week class will add up the pile of my so-called busy life. I contemplated, saying, “Hmm, I’ll see whether I can come next week, and then decide afterwards.” However, another friend of mine, Esther, said that if I did not join now, I would never join the dance class ever.

So I paid the fee, and I have never missed a class since. Waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep… Here we go!

What happens in Laurent, Farrago, and Royal Children’s Hospital

My first part-time job was being a waitress in Laurent, and it was pure luck. And luck was, basically, what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I knew I would never get a chance in working there, but impulsively, I applied nevertheless. I got in.

The same goes with the blogger opportunity in Farrago and the internship I got in Royal Children’s Hospital. Those were impulsive decisions that I did not weigh the pros and cons. They turn out to be the invaluable experiences in my life.

Now what?

So what’s it for you? Does it mean that you need to change your life paradigm, and be impulsive at every decision that you need to make in life?


It means if you’re like me who is scared of changes, of future, and of uncertainty, thinking too much will never get you to your destination place. You need to balance it with action.

Of course there will be consequences. There will be some damage done if you choose wrongly. But one day, one day you’ll realise that you regret the things that you wish you’ve done but never did, more than the things you’ve done, but wish you haven’t.

Ps. One day a guy asked me for coffee. I never did think it through, and I just said yes. As soon as I said it, I freaked out. It turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

If I had my life to live over, I would try to make more mistakes.
I would have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary troubles.
You see, I have been one of those fellows who live prudently and sanely, hour after hour, day after day.
Oh, I have had my moments. But if I had it to do over again, I would have more of them – a lot more.

Paul Coelho


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