On Earth and Other Earths

From Marcella: This is a guest post by Naomi Sutanto. Naomi is a final year Biomedicine student in the University of Melbourne, and she is my long lost junior high school friend back in Jakarta. She just became a blogger a couple days ago (welcome to the real earth, Naomi! Ooops, just kidding, pun intended), so don’t be shy and say hello to her at naomisutanto!

Atticus Finch said, “you can never really understand a person…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” He meant it figuratively of course, but sometimes it’s hard to understand other people who think differently to us unless we have some sort of mutual understanding. In other words, it takes a certain amount of effort on our behalf to try and empathize with others, to see the world through their eyes.

A recent long talk with my dear friend Marcella Purnama (this is for you) elicited my interest in this phenomenon called “blogging”. I had heard of it; I even regularly visit blogs in my “favourites” list, but I never really thought of why bloggers do what they do, and how they do it. So, I felt that to better understand blogs and authors of blogs, I should start one myself. And start, I did.

Boy, was I deeply flustered and confused with all the technicalities of even making a blog. I had to google numerous words and visit many “blogging tips” sites to publish a single post. Blogging was a completely different experience to me, and it seemed that avid bloggers lived in a different earth.

It would seem that each and every one of us lives on a different earth. Whether it be through genetic or environmental factors, we have different worldviews because we were exposed to different things and our chemically different brain cells make different connections even though they all look like grey walnuts.

“World” seems to imply that it is a completely different universe, governed by different rules and laws of physics, but we are not. We are governed by the same laws, work under the same system, yet no two people think in exactly the same way, so I propose we live on different earths.

We have different gravitational pulls like earth and moon; same laws of physics apply, but different mass and radius means different strength of attachment. The only way for us to understand the person next to us better is to learn about their earths, the different elements affecting their lives which determine how best to go around conversing with them.

The world would be a much better place if everyone took some time to think about how the life experience of the person next to them might explain the decisions they made, instead of out rightly judging their actions. Sure, it takes effort, but it’s worth it. That’s a fact on my earth, is it in yours?

Naomi’s earth, out =)


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