The Versatile Blogger Award

As a blogger, March 25th 2012 is one of the happiest days of my life.

A fellow blogger, Adromache Wilde, who runs the if i die before i sleep blog, just nominated me for this award. (Check No Duck Sauce post for more details).

So what is a Versatile Blogger Award? Basically it’s a blog award that is given by another blogger. The rules are: to thank your nominator, nominate other bloggers, and tell seven truths about yourself.

First of all, let me thank Adromache Wilde for the nomination! I feel truly honoured for receiving this award, and I hope you will enjoy the coming posts as much as you enjoy the previous ones.

Now, I’d like to nominate other bloggers. Some of them may have received the award twice, but it just means that their blogs are so good!

(the blogs are listed not in any particular order)

1. Doctor Quack
I came across Doctor Quack’s blog when I read his post Is childhood innocence a lie? and I have loved his writing ever since. His posts are highly critical and logical, and it is written in a very beautiful way that leaves you wondering about your own values after reading his.

2. Gaasedal’s Weblog
I first read his post titled, Anyone over the age of 35 should read this, as I copied this from a friends status, and it totally blew me away. Saving the planet? Going green? There are many ways to do so, not only by using the recycle-friendly plastic bags…

3. The Naked Listener’s Weblog
It has so many intriguing posts, and they are interesting stuffs. What most amazes me is its About page.

4. Loonyliterature
Like its name, loonlyliterature blogs everything about literature. The posts about Frankenstein are very interesting indeed. Her recent post, How Drama Classes Give Teenagers Work Experience, is a very great read, and I totally agree!

5. Light Touch
This is a photoblog, and I am highly inspired by the beautiful photos that have been taken – it’s like each of them is telling a story! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself: Sunrise Walk.

6. The Tousled Apostle
Her English is just superb. Really. I know English is my second language, and as a result I often use the wrong words and grammar. Her thoughts about life are also fascinating! Especially the ones about her life with Christ. Check this out: love letters of God.

7. Duck’s Formation Blog
I first came across her blog from her post on Mamamia (an online magazine which is based in Sydney). Her thoughts are random, but very entertaining. Check her recent post: The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

8. Hear. Think. See. Write
I didn’t come to know his blog by some random encounter, in fact he is one of my best friends’ boyfriend. But anyway, his posts are always honest and sincere, and I really enjoy reading his opinions and everything in between. Check his post on Multitaksing.

9. Alice Radwell
She is a writer, and a good one. She reads more books than I will ever read in my life (I truly believe so). One of my favourite posts is this: Letter to Santa (Requested Repost).

10. I was just thinking…
Great posts. Period. Click this to go to her blog.

11. b for bel
Belinda just has the talent to find the most random stuffs, which odds are, they are hilarious and interesting as well. Check out her blog here.

12. Life to the full
This is my editor in Meld’s husband’s blog, and I totally love his writing. He can make me laugh without even trying to. He’s a doctor, and his trilogy of his bucks’ night is just hilarious. Love it!

13. My Prognosis
My older sister’s blog. She is a doctor, but if she chooses to become a writer, I really believe she can. But anyway, she, too, can write in a humorous way without even attempting it, and her views are more… scientific. Check out her story of no, it’s not domestic violence. (I was standing beside her when this incident happened. Imagine how hard I laughed. *bad sister).

14. Jeff Goins Writer
A professional blogger who write about writing and everything else in between. If you’re stuck with your writing and just in need of good advice or support, his is the blog that I recommend you all to go. Check out his post on Why should you tell the ugly parts of your story, and don’t forget to download his free e-book, The Writer’s Manifesto!

And lastly, let me close with referring back to the one who gave me this award,

15. if i die before i sleep
Honest and provoking blog, some posts talk about the hard issues in life. Go read them.

Okay, so here are seven truths about myself:

1. I am a fan of movies, and I can go all day (literally all day) sitting on my sofa, drinking my hot tea, covered by my comfortable red throw, and watching countless movies in my hard disc. If only I have the time…

2. Not only a fan of movies, I’m a BIG fan of movies. Why? Because I would watch a movie again and again and again, and again. I can almost remember all the scenes, the lines of the actors and actresses before they even speak of them. Because of this, my older sister used to tease me as a movie maniac.

3. I have diagnosed myself as having sister complex obsession. I love my sister too much, I guess, and a few years ago I am so dependent upon her. However, today’s situation is a little bit different. I am not that obsessed anymore, but I am still so dependent on her, having that extreme jealousy when she got in a relationship around six months ago. Oh, boy!

4. I have never set a foot in a club, and never been drunk (and not intending to). My favourite alcoholic drink is port, and no one that I know fancies that (sad…).

5. I am an emotional human being who cries in watching every movie (well, not all). I cried when watching Up, Titanic, The Notebook, and almost all chick flick movies… I sobbed like a little girl when Severus Snape died (yes, you read that right).

6. I’m an outdoor person. I love theme parks. Disneyland, Universal Studio, Everland, Neverland, Anyland, odds are that I will love it. I’m also a fan of museums, seaworlds, and zoos. My perfect date will include going to all of them.

7. I have halux valgus. Not a severe one, of course, but it is a condition whereby your big toe (called the hallux) starts to deviate inward in the direction of the baby toe. So instead of growing straight, your toe bends. This has caused me to feel great pain when I’m walking too long, good amount of blisters when I’m walking with the wrong shoes (closed shoes and ordinary flat shoes count), and it also disables me to wear high-heels for more than 30 minutes.

Ps. Thank you to my readers who keep reading my blog! I really appreciate each one of you guys! You brighten up my dark days =D.


9 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan or anything, but Severus Snape! I loved that character. Have you seen the Professor Snape Twitter feed?. If you don’t follow it yet, you might consider a look, I think this is the address:!/_Snape_
    – I think it’s hilarious.

    Also, I really love the way you included commentary and posts along with each of your nominations, What a great idea. Thanks sharing this post, I really look forward to exploring some of these blogs.

    Have a great night!

  2. I am really delighted !

    Have been reading your blog regularly.
    Your posts are always inspiring .
    Keep going !
    All the best !!

    Thank you for your kind words , and , of course for the nomination !


  3. Hi Adromache, =D yes I’m quite a fan of Severus Snape… (in fact, do you know that Snape is voted favourite Harry Potter character?, I’m so gonna blog on this…)

    Hi Ricky, you deserved it!

    And uthamz, your photoblog is so beautiful, I love the photos very much! :)

    And jamieahughes, you are a great writer, and people do read your posts! (guarantee it =D).

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