Weekly Wraps

Today, I would introduce the new notion for this blog: The Weekly Wraps. It’s basically about the best posts or articles that I’ve read throughout the week (because, I know, lately I browsed and read a lot), so I might as well share the inspirational stuffs that I have read.

Not a new idea, I know, but it’s fun to experiment stuffs!

1. A letter to my sister on the birthday she never had | MamaMia

This is such a heartbreaking story because, well, who would want to be looking forward to an eventful day when you know that the person who should be celebrating is no longer here? Such a lovely, honest letter from an older sister.

2. Singapore, I love you. Here’s why. | Hufftington Post

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Singapore. First of all, my oldest sister lives there, so it’s for my own good sake that I don’t say anything defaming Singapore, and second, it’s… Singapore. It’s clean, it’s fine, and it’s a ‘fine’ city, but it’s also small, small, and small city. It has everything, but offers so little. I don’t even know if those contradicting statements can make sense.

Anyhow, Singapore is the country that I have been countless times (okay, perhaps more than 10), and since my oldest sister and her family, as well as my special friend works there, I have been confronted to love Singapore even more. Well, I guess, I’m trying. The food is great, the Hokkien Mie is to-die-for, but I just can’t simply imagine myself living in Singapore – yet. Will this attitude change? Who knows.

3. 4 Principles to Survive Adulthood | Relevant

This is a very powerful message. Like, seriously, I should have known those principles, they are common sense, but seriously, I think I need someone to tell it to my face for them to really sink it. Curious? Read the article.

4. How old should you be to marry? | Relevant

I grew up reading Detective Conan comics. One character was married at the age of 20. I wanted that too.

But how old should you be when you are married? According to the Economist, more women flee from marriage because: a) they have better jobs and education, and b) there are a shortage of sperms, like, decent guys. Women are marrying later and later in life, if ever they are going to marry.

The today’s ideal age to be married is around 28 for men, and 26 for women (based on my personal survey to some friends). Me? I am thinking of 23, or 24, but…

5. ‘Before I Die…’ | Hufftington Post

This is the most random post ever, but it is a nice twist. I retweeted Huff’s post, saying, “Considering that it’s 2012, I would like to get married before I die.” How about you?

6. The Secret to Effortless Writing | Jeff Goins Writer

I have been a huge fan of Jeff Goins. He is such an inspirational writer, and I keep on coming back again and again towards his website. If you’re a writer or a blogger, he has a hundred tips to help you improve your writing.

7. 50 Quotes from Jim Rohn for a better life | Janet Callaway

I’m a fan of quotes, and to emphasise that enough, I will let you soak Jim Rohn’s wisdom on living your life.


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