Contraband (2012)

mp’s rating: 3/5

An average plot movie packaged in moderately-good action.

Having watched almost all the movies in the cinema, my parents and I were back again in front of the booth and asking ourselves of what movie to be watched. Contraband was not on our list, but since we have watched the six others, we relented and watched the movie.

It was ok.

In my opinions, the plot was a cliche, and we all know how the story would unravel. The movie itself is about an ex-criminal who loves his family – his wife and two children, but after his wife’s brother gets into trouble by messing around with a cocaine dealer, he needs to get back into the job and save his brother-in-law.

In the middle of the smuggling, something goes terribly wrong (something always, doesn’t it?), and the plot itself has a little twist that if you are a movie maniac, you’ll find out soon enough without needing to watch the next scene.

However, the action is good, and I guess it’s a plus point.

It’s definitely worth viewing, but not the kind of movie that you’ll watch twice. At least, I won’t.


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