Life updated: it’s a beautiful day

I woke up this morning at 9.30am, and after a seven-hour sleep, I feel refreshed. I know that today is going to be beautiful, and it is indeed.

First of all, I have new ideas about how to approach my story assignment, and my interviewee has already said yes, so I just need to schedule a time with him and write the story. Phew, the biggest fear in my life (right now) is ‘kinda’ solved. (I think I have a pride issue as well, I really, really, really want to prove to my professional lecturer – which is a top journalist here in Australia, that I can ace my story. And I will.)

I submitted an article to Upstart Magazine last week, and to my utter disbelief they actually accepted it and the piece went up this morning. Read more on Gen (wh)Y: saving the lost generation.

I worked on another story today (it’s for Meld), went for a walk to grab a good cup of coffee, and I felt extremely happy.

I watched No Reservation with my sister today, and we both agreed that the guy is so charming: he can cook fancy food, he is loyal, he does whatever the girl says, and he is great with kids. Charming. Gorgeous. Okay, I should quit daydreaming.

And now, I am about to do some work, assignment, assignment assignment!

Today’s update will be short, but please do enjoy this image, I do find it quite interesting (hint: this is the theme of the article that I was writing about).

Social Media Explained

Happy Thursday everyone, enjoy the storm! (For the ones who are based in Melbourne, we literally are in the middle of a storm).


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