Tuesday’s Tale: Mrs. Chong

Remember your teachers?

Remember not the lessons they have taught in school, but the lessons in life that make you who you are now?

Perhaps, you remember one name.

Or maybe two.

Or three.

Or maybe none.

Coming to uni, no one really cares about you anymore. The tutors don’t see you everyday, five days a week, for the rest of the year to get to know you. No, they teach you one hour every week and demand you to be able to ace in the assignments. So do the lecturers.

But back in high school, you see the same teachers everyday. You get to know them. You get to listen to their stories. You get to break the rules, and the teachers who care will warn you.

And if you still remember someone, that means he or she has done a great deal of justice towards your education, and your life.


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