Now, it feels like home

Published on Farrago (University of Melbourne Magazine) on Tuesday, March 6 2012.

A new international student muttered this question to the girl in the mirror one day, “When will it start feeling like home?”

I could see it in her eyes – fear of the new life, but there was a spark of excitement as well. She was afraid that she would never make friends – that she would never get through the feeling of homesickness.

Yet two years later she muttered another question, “When did it start feeling like home?” And she smiled.

That first day was scary; that first attempt to talk to someone was nerve-wracking. What could be more challenging than speaking broken English and living a thousand miles from home. I thought to myself.

Yet I survived, and I not only survived, I have lived a beautiful life.

…


2 thoughts on “Now, it feels like home

  1. I have read the full article and I think it is wonderful that you are writing such comforting words to make people feel better. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and as the mother of a fourteen year old, I truly understand the importance of your words.

  2. Thank you! I really hope that the new students will be able to relate to what I’m experiencing. Just want them to know that they are not alone, and the fact that we all have gone through that experience… :) Thanks again for the lovely comment!

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