Jack and Jill (2011)

mp’s rating: 2/5

It’s not that I don’t like Adam Sandlers, it’s just that the movie is too weird, even for a 19-year-old whose life is based on movies.

Okay, that’s a bit of exaggeration, but I got to say, the movie is weird.

On a side-glance, it looked like a usual chick flick, but I just can’t believe that Al Pacino and Johnny Depp are both starring in it (as the ‘real’ Al Pacino and Johnny Depp). Can you believe that the one starring The Godfather is actually starring a chick flick?

Well, Jack and Jill were twins. But somehow, Jack was the Mr. Popular, where Jill was the Miss Loser. Jack had it all – good job and great family. While Jill had nothing – she struggled hard to be herself, and to be accepted, although it meant for her to act in annoyingly innocent ways.

One holiday, after their mother passed away, Jill went to visit her brother, and she found rejection. It was no secret that Jack didn’t like his own twin sister, he thought that Jill was immature, and that she was ridiculously obnoxious that tried to ruin his life. On the opposite, Jill was longing for that feeling of ‘family’ that she once shared with Jack. And you could guess how the story evolved from there.

The plot was not really developed, and the humour was a bit cheesy. It was a good laugh, but for me, it stopped there. Definitely not the best of Adam Sandler’s movies.


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