Life updated: studies, interns, jobs, resumes, brochures, and…

A friend of mine (a colleague in Meld Magazine) said that the middle degree crisis has gone, now we are faced with two-third degree crisis. We have two more semesters to go.

Today, I vacuumed my apartment, ironed the clothes that have been hanging there for a week, and forged a love-hate relationship with my future. I devoured the Honours in Psychology manual, the Master of Journalism brochure, and the Careers in Psychology booklet.

Plus, I have made that extra effort to buy my AUD$80 journalism textbook: News as it happens by Stephen Lamble, which content is very good, if only it was AUD$80 cheaper, and I even bought a secondhand journalist’s bible: the AUD$12 Associated Press Stylebook. Will it help my writing? Who knows.

From left: Careers in Psych booklet, Honours in Psych book, News as it happens by Stephen Lamble book, The Associated Press Stylebook, Master of Journalism brochure

I found out that pre-order for iPad 3 has been opened (and yes, I will consult my parents at once to let me have it for my 20th birthday present next month), and I was really excited (which is very funny because I never was, am, or will be a gadget addict. However, iPad is so much easier to bring rather than laptop, and if you like to read or write, iPad is a really handy resource for a journalist!)

I tidied up my resume and get the files ready for applying to graduate positions (yes, I did think of going straight to work after uni), and I tried my best to write a cover letter that would not sound too cheesy.

I have consoled myself for the fact that I might not be accepted into Honours in Psychology (they want an 80 average student, I’m on borderline 75 average), or Honours in MediaCom (research in media sounds complicated, plus they want a 75 average for media subjects, I’m pretty sure my marks are below that).

Master of Journalism? Seriously?

Here’s what my someone special told me yesterday, “I know you like psychology, but you rarely talk about it. When you are telling me how your day is, you always tell me the stories of finishing this story, submitting that article, a new deadline, new intern opportunities, and blah. Don’t you think it’s a little transparent?

“If you really like psychology, you can write about its theories and applications and blah, but so far you have only made two writings about psychology.”


And I just got a call this afternoon, and I will start my internship at Royal Children’s Hospital next week!

I really, really, really want to bake brownies now, but I’m too lazy to do the dishes. Maybe tomorrow?

I am probably having a quarter-life crisis.


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