Tuesday’s Tale: Amazing Way to Proposing to a Girl | Asian Style

9gag lovers, you will love this. Girls in general, you’ll want a guy like this. Boys in general, be creative!

It’s always that defining moment in someone’s life, when he went on his knees asking that one simple question. And when she said yes, life is beautiful.

Most girls will be dreaming about this occasion her whole life, maybe more than her future wedding. Most girls will like to know who are they going to marry, and how he’s going to ash the question. Is it just a simple dinner somewhere when suddenly he popped the question? Or will it be grand, with out-of-the-box creativity that blows your mind away? Will it be a surprise? Or will you know about it beforehand?

You know, seeing those happy faces makes me smile widely here, ’cause love exists, and one day you will find your own man, marry your Mr. Right, and have a chance to brag about your engagement.

That look when she has tears in her eyes, that look when she was shocked, but smiling at the same time, unable to conceal her happiness, that look, is just priceless. I would love to know how he will propose me, but I can only tell you in five years time, considering I’m not yet 20.

In the mean time, I’ll be happy watching the videos of other people who get engaged, or hearing the stories of how he popped the question.


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