Life updated: I’m so not (not) excited about uni…

Rants on Sunday night, Feb 26th.

Let me guess, I bet most of you who are reading this are students who don’t want to go to your 9am lecture tomorrow morning. Or you are the ones who are keen to go to your 10am tutes tomorrow and trying to persuade me to be excited about uni. Or you are just bored, and reading about someone ranting about her ‘miserable’ life would make your life looks better. Whatever it is, I am so (not) excited about uni.

Not only that my lecture tomorrow starts at 8 (yes, 8am. I’m hardly awake at 8am in the morning, let alone listening to a two-hour lecture… It’s horror…), have I mentioned that my class starts tomorrow?

Well, when you are a third year student, those first-year excitements are gone, replaced by one single thought: assignment, assignment, assignment. And oh, one more: exam.

It’s 7.40pm and I better make myself some Indomie.

Be right back…

Okay, where was I? Indomie. It is one of my favourite food. Oh yes, it is not too healthy, but indulgence once in a while is quite important, right? This is my way to make myself feel happy (while watching Indiana Jones series).

Oh, the Indomie is so good it’s calling my name already.

Be right back…

Okay, I have eaten two packs of Indomie with two eggs, and I’m still hungry. This is bad.

Hungry, bored, tired, un-excited, hungry, hungry hungry, tired, and… un-excited.

I’d really, really like to eat more, sleep more, watch more movies, have more holidays, and … I don’t know, anything but uni?

Rants on Monday afternoon, Feb 27th

Okay, so I’ve survived my first day of uni. Amazingly, I did wake up for that 8am class, and to be honest it was not too bad (it was worse) to be waking up before the sun does. And it was not too bad (it was way worse) to be waking up in cold because for once, the weather forecast was right: it was raining, stormy, and is going to be raining for the whole day.

But on the other hand, my two lectures and one tutorial turned out to be quite good. I spent my life in Redmond Berry Building today (the psychology building), and do you know what my lecturer said on the first lecture of the semester? “Now, you are in a competitive professional world. Some of you may come crying to me at the end of the year because you are not accepted into Honours.”


That is a little bit depressing, don’t you think?

And you know, all of the students enrolled in my tutorial said that they want to do Honours.


Okay, maybe except one, who said that she’s still not sure.


Competing with 800 students to get a spot among those 70 might not look like a good idea afterall.

But now, I’m at that point where I really, really, really want to get into Honours.

And to be honest it’s slightly impossible (I’m a 75 average student, and the benchmark is 80 average student. …….sigh.)

Time to work harder this year, I guess?

I just hope that my best is enough. And with a lot of luck, I might post another rant about my horrible thesis next year.

The Real Rants

So, enough about uni, here’s my other life.

I have read this article a couple of weeks back, and in the spirit of halfway through White Day (and two weeks after the Valentine’s Day), here it goes:

I know, this is too sad; it’s too good to be true, right? If I’m the girl, I would probably weep for another good ten years, begging to God to give him back to me. I would sing the song “Tonight” everyday, and probably be blaming myself for another good life, feeling guilty, thinking that if only I skipped the lecture to have lunch with him, he wouldn’t have been killed.

I know he proved that he really did love me, but he paid quite a high price. If I were her, I would probably trade anything for another day with him.

Sad thoughts aside, for those of you who don’t believe in love, here’s a gently reminder: it does exist. Someday you will meet someone who will love you like he does, protecting you even though it might cost him his life. And I’m sure, you’ll do the same to him. It may be true that dying with a purpose is better than living without one. So there you go.

Happy Thursday people, have a good weekend ahead!


2 thoughts on “Life updated: I’m so not (not) excited about uni…

  1. You have to come to Vietnam, in my university – Foreign Trade University, where the first class in the morning starts at 6:45a.m. I have to struggle hard with this schedule in such cold winter:((. Morning class starting at 8a.m as yours is really kind of dream with us :((

  2. wow. Seriously. 6.45am? I will not be able to start at 6.45am. Starting at 8am is sad enough for me, and it’s hard to concentrate on what the lecturer is talking… ;( can’t imagine how horrible it is in winter! hang in there!

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