Tuesday’s Tale: Alone, Forever?

No, this is not another WongFu Production video (although it looks like it is). Nevertheless, it has its own artistic feature and meaning.

“I’ve always believed that ‘Friend-zoning’ happens in life, there is no doubt about that. And in a way, there are certain stages that it goes through. But just maybe.. “Forever Alone” ceases being forever when we find the right zone to be in.” by Ming H.

After watching this, someone very special to me asked, “Why is the last stage is called: The Escape?” It made me think, and re-watch the video.

You might want to do the same now.

The director himself said this:

“Stage 6: The Escape”

In the essence of story-telling, the video only portrays a certain way that this might happen. It doesn’t need to be with a different girl or guy, it could be with the same. It is not a sure thing, but it is a do-able thing. It doesn’t mean you give up, it could mean you can keep trying until you succeed. You don’t have to believe it, but you can as well.

The Escape represents hope.

The whole deal of Stage 6 is the mere fact that, “hey, there IS hope”. As long as you don’t give up to what you know is true and right, as long as you stand your ground staying true to yourself, there WILL be a person who is doing the exact same thing and waiting for you to come along into his/her life as well. That was the purpose behind this stage. Well, my purpose at least. I’m sure everyone has a different story to tell, both good and bad. But this is how I would like to tell mine.

Alone, Forever? by Ming H

So here I am, putting on my know-it-all hat, and giving you a totally different point of view towards the video.

The last stage may represent hope, by meeting a new person, but it doesn’t really correlate with the title of the video. Of course you can see it the positive way (Alone, Forever? and answer it by saying, “No way, there’s hope!”) or you can see it the other way.

I’m seeing the latter one.

For me, The Escape stage doesn’t represent hope. For me, it represents the devil’s loop of the never-ending state of being alone.


Picture this.

The Girl A (the first girl in the video) has a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is a lunatic who treats her wrongly. After a series of events, their relationship gets worse, and unable to forget her boyfriend, Girl A finally wants to escape. She finds the Boy, someone who’s at first in her friend-zone.

Things happen, and they become close. And the Boy starts to fall in love with her. But towards the end of the video, the Girl A has been contacted by her former boyfriend and they start dating again. The Boy is crushed, and he wants to escape that feeling. At that time, he meets Girl B (who has been someone else’s escape, and get dumped. You know by seeing that paper: “HI….”.

From my glasses, the Boy is Girl A’s escape, and Girl B is Boy’s escape (they might have been each others’ escape).

And if something goes wrong, Girl B will find someone else to be her escape.

That’s why the title is “Alone, Forever?”, because without really forgiving and forgetting their past relationships, people can’t really start a new healthy relationship. That’s why something will go wrong, making them alone, forever.

Or so I thought, maybe not what the director’s thought.

When I found out that Girl A and Girl B is played by the same actress, as well as the boyfriend and the Boy, I got to think there’s more to that than just this. Then The Escape stage may be hope, for there is hope in falling in love with one same person all over again. But I guess it’s hard for my complicated mind to draw the dots between the lines. Oops, I mean, to draw the line between the dots. There you go.

I know it’s a video about two people from friend-zone who never make it to couple-zone (the director even specifies that). But if I didn’t read the commentaries, above is my first and foremost understanding of the short.

Whatever it is, a great piece of art can be interpreted differently by different people, and that’s the artistic part. Ming H. is a great director, and from this one video he totally gains my respect. Take that from a WongFu Production and the Jubilee Project addict.


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