I’m getting older, but why are they getting younger?

If you want to find someone who looks older (not more mature, but older) beyond her age, I believe that I am one of them.

Being the youngest child, yet having two sisters whose age gap are seven years and four years respectively, the ‘old’ genetic will be contagious.

Since young, I used to hang out with my sisters’ friends. You know, from those naive hijacking their dates because Mom told me so, to actually having lunch or dinner with their friends. And the weird revelation is this: sometimes I enjoy their company more than friends of my own age.

Today, I’m not yet 20 years old, but I hang out with the 25++ age group.

So instead of talking about the latest shopping trends, where to go on a Friday night, or the celebrities’ gossips, I’d be talking about my future career, about work and internships, and about networking. Instead of talking about one’s crush or new boyfriend, I’d be asking about the stories of their proposals, and their wedding preparations.

And yes, some of my friends call me the ‘anti-social’.

I am the type who prefers watching a DVD at home while ironing on weekends, instead of going out for lunch in groups and having desserts and going window shopping afterwards.

At first, my friends still send me messages to go out, but after going only to one out of ten invitations, they never bother to ask me again, I guess.

Of course, one-on-one invitation escapes this horrible rejection.

Yes, I’m still in need of social life, but when you go out with your friends, and they spend more time transfixed on their Blackberries instead of the living soul in front of them, what’s the use of going?

So sometimes it’s better to go out with older people, who’s not growing up with the addiction of social network.

Oh man, I feel old.

And if you think I have some grudges against Blackberry, I think you’re right.

A friend told me just recently, “Blackberry makes it far for those who are close, and close for those who are far.”

I know, it’s mostly a trend among Indonesians. It’s a common sight to see people walking while texting on their Blackberries in the malls. Autism, is a word invented for those who cannot be separated from their smartphones.

The constant need of knowing the latest Facebook updates and the latest tweets, of replying every single chat on their Blackberry Messenger, and of checking their phones constantly in every five minutes are disturbing.

Nor that iPhone users are better, but looking at the statistic of BB autism vs iPhone autism, yes, maybe in general, iPhone users are better.

me, myself, and my iPhone

Blackberry is not a noun, it’s a verb. People begin to ask your Blackberry pin before they ask your phone number. As a faithful iPhone user, again, it’s disturbing.

It would be very rude of me to ask my friends to kindly not attending to their phones while having lunch or dinner together. So instead of being grumpy for the whole occasion, I’d rather not go, and spend time with those who really want to have a nice chat with me.

The same thing just happened to me while catching up with my old friends recently. Once or twice or even thrice is okay, for I also replied several messages myself. But constantly going to their phone after two minutes and replying messages for another five, without really trying to make a friendly chat to your old friends, for me it’s a bit too much.

But over time I get used to it: the disturbing sight of people walking while texting, or eating (with their friends!) while texting. My immunity is just not to spend too much time with them.

I still remember how happy I was when I had a trip to a rural area. With no mobile connection, I was iPhone-less for the whole day.

And hey, I survived.


6 thoughts on “I’m getting older, but why are they getting younger?

  1. Nicky says:

    Maybe if you want to talk to your younger friends, you should talk through facebook or twitter. But that just sounds more stupid than I imagined…

    Don’t worry about getting older, or feeling like it because you don’t look old at all. Just get comfty and hang out with the ones you like to, because someday you might stop seeing them. Then you will feel old and lonely and adopt a few cats. Haha.

  2. @Andreas Chan: haha and i thought im the only person who do that! well, life as a normal uni student then…

    @CicilK: feel happy for the support, esp when it’s coming from a bb user! ;p

    @Nicky: thanks for the compliment! –> you don’t look old at all – i feel so happy (i know that i’ve developed some dark circles under my eyes… literally). adopting a few cats sound wonderful actually. I have always been fond of cats (and small dogs – you now, like mini poms).

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re my complete opposite Cella, I still get thoroughly checked whenever I need to walk across the crown casino sections, and almost all of my friends are at least 5 years younger than me.

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