Life updated: =)

Do you read the book “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch? One time he wanted to get a job at Disney Imagineer, and he was talking to the ‘boss’ and told him that he would be ‘around his area’ next week, and asked him for lunch. Truth was, Randy would have gone to that area just to have lunch with him. In fact, he would go to Neptune in order to see him.

I don’t know why but that story pops into my head, and it has nothing in common with what I’ve experienced today. However, you get the feeling that he was that eager and excited to get that job. Me too.

I have known this internship for quite a while. In fact, I have known this internship since my second year of uni. However, it is strictly written that they will only take senior undergraduate students (read: final year students) or post grad students. I can only apply when I’m in third year, so here I am, applying for that spot that I’ve been dreaming for more than a year.

At first, I have no ambition whatsoever in applying for this internship. It is a research psychology internship, held by the number 1 hospital in Australia. Will I apply? I don’t think they will even look at my resume. Seriously.

So about a month ago, in mid-January, I updated my resume, updated my cover letter, uploaded my recent results (which are nowhere near a High Distinction student’s), and hit the ‘send’ button. I sent my application without no hope at all, knowing that I might not even being given a second look.

Yet, that call came.

I was in Indonesia, and I missed the follow-up call. However, the kind lady called me again when I told her that I would be back in Melbourne in a week’s time. A couple of days later, I got another call. I was being scheduled for an interview.

This morning, I did it. I got in.

Until now, I am still flying in cloud 9.

Life is full of surprises, but this is one of the best surprises that I have ever gotten. I got the opportunity to see how a clinician really works in a hospital setting; I got to see how a research is done; I got to see how the research papers are translated into a language that lay people would understand; I got to see a glimpse of ‘my future’, if I decide to become a psychologist.

I feel very blessed, and very lucky indeed.

Thank You, Lord, I know I wouldn’t have the opportunity if You’re not the one behind all this! Now I’m praying that I’ll be doing a decent job, so that I won’t let God, my mentor, and myself down.


And here’s just a random picture, posted by Heng Khuen Cheok (my editor in Meld’s husband), about the meaning of life.

photo by Heng Khuen Cheok

Happy Thursday, people! I feel like hugging everyone today :).

2 thoughts on “Life updated: =)

  1. I’ve listened to Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams. It was really moving. I’m kinda waiting for my “THE CALL” now :) Waiting for God’s perfect time !! Great post. God bless!!!

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