US 2011 (1): New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Niagara Falls

Here’s the part one of my US trip. It is just a summary, for writing in details will mean that I will never make the post about my holiday at all. I enjoyed my holiday, and I believe one day I’ll be back with my own money, perhaps with my husband, or even children!

New York

So what did I do in New York? Shopping, more shopping, and I guess, shopping. I went to Woodbury Factory Outlet and it was a shopping heaven. 70% discount and more, especially on branded goods. I watched the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and I was extremely happy. The phantom was really a phantom – his voice was deep, and he had the charisma that made me actually believe that he was the phantom.

I visited Rockefeller center, the statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Times Square, and other tourist attractions. Yet I was completely shocked to see how dirty New York City was. Sometimes, it felt like Gotham’s city in Batman. Plus, I didn’t hear any English language – most languages spoken are Mexican, Spanish, French… Anything but English. There were so many immigrants and it made me wonder where were the locals.

watching the Phantom of the Opera broadway!

the statue of Liberty (with Mom and second sis)

the view from the top of the Empire State Building

the view of Manhattan Island, New York City

The legendary Times Square! (although not seen in the picture, it IS dirty)

Washington DC

We didn’t do much in Washington DC. After all, we only had one day to finish all the tourist attractions, which include Madame Tussaud’s: Hall of Presidents, the White House, Abraham Lincoln’s Memorial, and the National History Museum. But I remember it as a very beautiful city, for its architecture has blown me away! The trip to Lincoln’s memorial has amazed me as well – and I stood right in the place where Martin Luther King Jr. has given his infamous “I have a dream” speech.

at Abraham Lincoln's memorial

standing at the very place Martin Luther King delivered his speech, Abraham Lincoln Memorial

with my favourite actor, Johnny Depp (replica) at Madame Tussaud's


We only passed by this city, and took pictures with the liberty bell (you know, the one in National Treasure movie). It was a cold morning, and yeah, that was pretty much it. From here, we went to Hershey’s Chocolate Factory.

the Independence bell (at the top of the building)

at Hershey's Chocolate Factory

Riding the attraction at Hershey's Chocolate Factory


The coldest city of all, and I have no idea how to survive in there. We visited the Harvard University, as well as MIT, but we shivered so much that after taking pictures for eight minutes, our bodies were begging to go back to the bus. We went to the Quincy Market afterwards, and I bought the Harvard jumper! And there I tried the lobster sandwich and clam chowder. Oh, such good food…

Harvard University

MIT university

Niagara Falls

One of the wonders of the world. Well, it was spectacular. No wonder people used to refer it as ‘thunder’. It was a gigantic fall, full of wonder and impeccable view. But it was cold.

the Niagara Falls!

at Niagara Falls


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