5 Days of War (2011)

mp’s rating: 4/5

In short, it’s the Georgian version of Hotel Rwanda.

“We came here to cover a war, if we don’t get a story this will all unfold unseen.”

It is a very moving story, packaged in a very good cinematography and acting as well. The tense is there, and although some considered this as a slow-moving movie, it’s just what it needs for the audience to get the feeling of war.

Being a journalist myself, we all have a sense of pride when we can get the truth to get out, even though it will mean the death of our lives (am I that extreme? Maybe not). Yet this movie, once again, depicts how cruel and evil is war – how men will lose their humanity and let people die, just for the sake of power, or worse, following orders.

The story began when a US journalist with his cameraman, and his journalist girlfriend, were covering the Iraq war. As he witnessed his girlfriend died, he became bitter. One year later, he was sent to cover the war in Georgia.

While seeing people dying in front of him, yet at the same time catching those moments through the camera, he felt that he must get the story out, no matter what it took. He even cheated death several times.

War is cruel, and evil. There is no better explanation than that. When one gets killed, it becomes a mourning, but when a thousand did, it becomes a statistic.

The movie also depicts a bride and a groom, on their wedding night, when suddenly a bomb fell. The groom died, and the bride was shot a few days later.

On their wedding night.

I am grateful that I am not living in a country that’s still having war, where gunshots and bombs are the lifestyle there. Yet my heart mourns for those who do, for they live in constant fear, seeing the world at its worst.

I pray that people will never again fight each other.


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