Life updated: the last thursday (in jakarta)

Sadly, holiday is coming to an end (ooops, not really). But holiday in Jakarta is. I’ll be going back to Melbourne in three days’ time, and I’ll be busy packing and catching up with some old friends (yes, last-minutely), and going to restaurants to fulfill my appetite for the last time. This time, I don’t care of getting fatter (I can worry about it later in Melbourne).

Life is, so far, so good.

I went to the zoo yesterday, and it was a good catch up with my old friends as well. I stood amazed by the progress that Indonesia has done for the zoo, it looked so good and brand-new! Nevertheless, I feel sad for the people. If the government has that much money to renovate and to keep increasing the entertainment sector in Indonesia, why don’t they use the money to help the poor people first? Entertainment boost can wait. People can’t.

Politics, ey? I feel bad for talking about politics, especially the one in Indonesia.

When a poor child stole a pair of sandals (sandals! Those were hardly AU$2!), he was sentenced a couple of years in prison (around 5 years, if I’m not mistaken). When a 30-year old woman (with her friends) were having drugs, drinking, driving, and killing nine people, she only got 6 years of prison. So much for the sake of justice.

The government is lured to money and power, and the people who voiced their opinions and heart to no avail, in time they grew tired, and decided to wash their hands off politics.

Yes, I hate politics.

During my two months holiday here, I have been fed up with the corruption and many other negative-type-news everyday.

Anyway, enough with politics. A couple of days ago I read this article, and I think that it’s very true. Check this out: The problem with living a creative life. The article says that people who live pursuing creativity (e.g. painters, writers, etc) can easily have an affair with their work. Using ‘passion’ as their excuse, they can work day and night perfecting a painting or an article, while in the same time forgetting about their relationships with others.

I guess it’s kind of true, because I am easily obsessed about perfecting my writing. I can spend hours rewriting and editing my piece (although usually nothing changes), continually re-reading it and suddenly, wooosh, it’s late. For my fellows creative people out there, do not neglect your relationship with others.

“Yes, art is important.  Yes, it has the potential to create wonderful value.  But if done at the expense of those we love, we likely won’t greet our end with a deep sense of satisfaction but instead with a deep sense of regret.”

Remember that.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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