What’s wrong with Bachelor of Arts?

There is nothing wrong with being an Arts student. I, for one, am very proud that I’ll be having this title soon next year. I will be graduating with BA (Psychology and Media and Communication), isn’t that fancy enough?

Sadly, many people think that a degree in Arts will get me nowhere. Many people think that a degree in Arts is for slack people who just want to have four contact hours per week and skip the other eight. People think that it’s an easy degree, considering Science students have at least 18 contact hours per week.

I tell you now, it’s not.

In fact, in my humblest personal opinion, it’s harder to ace in Arts subjects rather than Business or Science subjects. Why? Because Arts subjects are indefinite, while others are finite and consisted of hard truth. If you study hard, it is possible to ace in Business or Science subjects. Even if you study hard, there is no guarantee that you’ll ace Arts subject. No, it depends on luck, and how merciful your tutor is.

Arts student can get crazy. I hope you won't have any nightmares after seeing this.

Yes, you’ll only have 12 contact hours and two days off during the week. But you have tons of readings and assignments. You have more assignments. More 2,000 words essays, more 3,000 words case studies. Don’t ever tell an Arts student that it’s easy (except for those who are majoring in choir), it’s not.

So here’s why having a degree in Arts is honourable:

  1. You only have four contact hours per week, and can skip the other eight.
  2. You have two days off most semesters, and you can get a part-time job or an intern while studying, thumbs up for being able to have a professional life other than studying. It’s important for the sake of your resume.
  3. You have broad set of subjects to be studied, so it does not matter if you are interested in Psychology and the History of Ancient Mesopotamia, you can still do it.
  4. You are taught to be thinking out of the box. Most importantly, it is not about blunt memorisation of some geekish formula and try to apply it correctly.
  5. You get to analyse real issues and real people, instead of some unseen protons and CH4.
  6. You will meet so many creative people along the way, those left-brainers who have instincts and hunches of how things ought to work.
  7. Life is good when you have a balance of study and social life.
  8. You can go anywhere. Literally. You can end up working in a business firm, or doing any other jobs that you can think of. It’s cool.
  9. You get to do some cool stuffs – which other subject allows you to stop some random pedestrians and interview them?
  10. It’s easy to get in, but hard to get out.

After being a science student (for taking triple Science subjects and Maths back in high school), a business student (for taking some breadth subjects in business), and an arts student, I’m very proud to have a degree in the latter one. I can call myself a journalist; I am able to declare myself as a psychologist wanna-be.

So before you judge another Arts student about their workload, and how easy their subjects are, please kindly think twice. We are also freaked-out students who pull an all-nighter because that assignment is impossible to be aced.


Tuesday’s Tale: Alone, Forever?

No, this is not another WongFu Production video (although it looks like it is). Nevertheless, it has its own artistic feature and meaning.

“I’ve always believed that ‘Friend-zoning’ happens in life, there is no doubt about that. And in a way, there are certain stages that it goes through. But just maybe.. “Forever Alone” ceases being forever when we find the right zone to be in.” by Ming H.

After watching this, someone very special to me asked, “Why is the last stage is called: The Escape?” It made me think, and re-watch the video.

You might want to do the same now.

The director himself said this:

“Stage 6: The Escape”

In the essence of story-telling, the video only portrays a certain way that this might happen. It doesn’t need to be with a different girl or guy, it could be with the same. It is not a sure thing, but it is a do-able thing. It doesn’t mean you give up, it could mean you can keep trying until you succeed. You don’t have to believe it, but you can as well.

The Escape represents hope.

The whole deal of Stage 6 is the mere fact that, “hey, there IS hope”. As long as you don’t give up to what you know is true and right, as long as you stand your ground staying true to yourself, there WILL be a person who is doing the exact same thing and waiting for you to come along into his/her life as well. That was the purpose behind this stage. Well, my purpose at least. I’m sure everyone has a different story to tell, both good and bad. But this is how I would like to tell mine.

Alone, Forever? by Ming H

So here I am, putting on my know-it-all hat, and giving you a totally different point of view towards the video.

The last stage may represent hope, by meeting a new person, but it doesn’t really correlate with the title of the video. Of course you can see it the positive way (Alone, Forever? and answer it by saying, “No way, there’s hope!”) or you can see it the other way.

I’m seeing the latter one.

For me, The Escape stage doesn’t represent hope. For me, it represents the devil’s loop of the never-ending state of being alone.


Picture this.

The Girl A (the first girl in the video) has a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is a lunatic who treats her wrongly. After a series of events, their relationship gets worse, and unable to forget her boyfriend, Girl A finally wants to escape. She finds the Boy, someone who’s at first in her friend-zone.

Things happen, and they become close. And the Boy starts to fall in love with her. But towards the end of the video, the Girl A has been contacted by her former boyfriend and they start dating again. The Boy is crushed, and he wants to escape that feeling. At that time, he meets Girl B (who has been someone else’s escape, and get dumped. You know by seeing that paper: “HI….”.

From my glasses, the Boy is Girl A’s escape, and Girl B is Boy’s escape (they might have been each others’ escape).

And if something goes wrong, Girl B will find someone else to be her escape.

That’s why the title is “Alone, Forever?”, because without really forgiving and forgetting their past relationships, people can’t really start a new healthy relationship. That’s why something will go wrong, making them alone, forever.

Or so I thought, maybe not what the director’s thought.

When I found out that Girl A and Girl B is played by the same actress, as well as the boyfriend and the Boy, I got to think there’s more to that than just this. Then The Escape stage may be hope, for there is hope in falling in love with one same person all over again. But I guess it’s hard for my complicated mind to draw the dots between the lines. Oops, I mean, to draw the line between the dots. There you go.

I know it’s a video about two people from friend-zone who never make it to couple-zone (the director even specifies that). But if I didn’t read the commentaries, above is my first and foremost understanding of the short.

Whatever it is, a great piece of art can be interpreted differently by different people, and that’s the artistic part. Ming H. is a great director, and from this one video he totally gains my respect. Take that from a WongFu Production and the Jubilee Project addict.

Second Year Survival Guide: have fun

I have read too many articles concerning the survival guides for first year students in uni, but none for second or third year students. Because I have just finished my second year, I can now declare that I have the authority to write the second year survival guide, and hopefully, will be having the authority to write the third year survival guide next year.

These are the things that I have done and wish I didn’t, and some that I haven’t done and wish I had.

Here it goes.

In first year, the students are generally categorised into two categories: the nerdies who are so scared of failing and the happy-go-luckies who don’t care about uni at all. Because I am better categorised to the first group (I wish!), for you grade-conscious people out there, listen carefully.

You need to have more fun this second year.

Not that I studied too much in my first year, heck, I don’t even know if I can ever study too much (I love my sofa, my TV, and my coffee too much to do so), but seriously, second year is the best time to have fun.

Why not first year, you may ask?

Because in the first year you are in the transition.

Odds are that you are too nervous about uni that you go to every lecture and tutorial, and buy every possible prescribed textbook (no, you don’t need to buy those prescribed textbooks to pass). During first year, you learned how to cook, how to do dishes and laundries, how to make friends, and basically you learned how to adapt to a new environment.

Plus, in second year, you have more friends. In fact, you may have found friends for life. And seriously, now you have the time.

So congratulations, and now it is time to enjoy!

For you nerdies, skipping classes once in a while is ok. (This statement is strictly for those who ‘study too much’).

I have a friend who really likes to study, but rarely has a time to socialise. It’s good that you love to study, and you listen to every single lectopia on weekends. But uni life is not merely about studying, it’s also about networking. Friendship, is the best way to build your network.

Considering that uni has more than 10,000 students, and for the fact that only five of them are my close friends, I’m pretty sure I haven’t really implemented this myself. Of course, I have terrific times with those five, from going to brunch, movies, skipping class together, going to Luna Park, had buffet dinner at Crown, cooking together, and all other stuffs, but I really wish I have spent much more time with them. This year is my last year, who knows what will happen next? I might not be able to spend time with them after the end of 2012.

And from my observations, second year is not that hard (my friends also tell me the same). Somehow being a first year student, coupled with the anxiety and the expectation that freaked us more, made first year more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend slacking; do your assignments, hand them in on time, study for your exams.

But seriously, missing a lecture at 10am for having brunch with your friend who just broke up with her boyfriend might be worth doing. Your lecturer won’t really appreciate that you come to her lecture 20 years from now. Your friend might.

Some of my good friends in uni: Ruiting, Joel, and Esther

For you invisible people, please take off your invisibility cloak.

Simply put, speak up in classes. Make yourself known to your lecturers and tutors. Be visible.

I have never done this (gee, I’m a faithful international student trying not to drown in the sea of Westerners), so this is the one thing I wish I did last year. I wish I have been a good student towards my lecturer, and a good friend towards my tutor.

Of course, there is (maybe) almost zero effect on speaking up towards your grades, but getting yourself to be known in tutorials is a good way to do networking as well. Besides, your tutors might want to be your referees in your resume, if you’re considering to do some internships. Not only that, you’re training your confidence, which is critical when you go into workforce. In a couple of years, you need to be able to approach the employees; why don’t you practice now?

Well, I didn’t do this. I vow to do better this year, but I wish I did it last year. My media writing tutor is a freelance writer whose work has been published everywhere (including co-authoring one Lonely Planet book), my psych tutor is a child psychologist, and my lecturers are the top ones in their fields across Australia. Imagine how much will I learn if I have just taken the time to be visible.

Do not wait till third year to do an internship, please, don’t.

Only 33% of you will go into post grad (how do I know that it’s 33%? I’m a psychologist-wanna-be, and it is psychologically correct to say that people believe a statement more if there’s a percentage of some sorts in it, so I like to use numbers, even though I don’t know where it comes from), leaving more than two thirds of you to get a job after uni.

So consider the majority of you, who wants to find work after graduation.

If you’re in third year, of course you’ve known this: what could possibly be worse than a blank resume? It’s good if you’ve worked part-time beforehand (you know, McDonalds, Starbucks, or anywhere), but part-time jobs are not enough to amaze your future employees.

Plus, if you want a secured job before you graduate, you will need to apply for a graduate position, and the job application is closed in late March. So, any interns that you do after March will not be considered.

If you only have 12 contact hours per week for uni, apply for that stupid internship, get a job at Starbucks, or join a club and become a committee! Yes, you need to have fun along the way, but I can not stress enough the importance of having that professional experience of a life outside uni. Guess I’m lucky, I have become a journalist in Meld since first year, and I have some part-time jobs in second year (at least, my resume is not that dull!).

And now in my third year, I have another two on-going internships. Yet some of my friends already know this principle by heart, and implemented this years earlier; some have five different internships in three different countries. That’s what important. Employees will get 1,000 applications and what makes you stand out from the others is your experience. Getting good grades doesn’t mean that you’ll have a decent job. Some companies want interactive human beings rather than genius robots.

Life as a journalist: I'm the girl in pink and white stripes. Reporting a story looks so cool, eh?

Time flies fast, so buckle up!

Expect the unexpected. Dream the unimaginable. Love more, take up those pranks and wear pajamas to school. Bring daffodils home on Daffodil’s day. Volunteer on World Wish Day, you might meet some interesting people. Join a club, or two. Attend the club events. Organise a trip to a neighbouring city with your friends. Learn how to ski. Meet someone, fall in love. Make a three-course-meal once in a blue moon. Learn how to bake. Do spring cleaning and winter cleaning regularly. Smile to strangers. Decorate your apartment.

Have fun.

People say that we regret more of the things we haven’t done and wish we had, instead of the things we have done and wish we hadn’t. I think it’s true.

Saturday’s story: Balance sheet of life

by Anonymous

Our Birth is our Opening Balance
Our Death is our Closing Balance
Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities
Our Creative Ideas are our Assets
Heart is our Current Asset
Soul is our Fixed Asset
Brain is our Fixed Deposit
Thinking is our Current Account
Achievements are our Capital
Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade
Friends are our General Reserves
Values & Behavior are our Goodwill
Patience is our Interest Earned
Love is our Dividend
Children are our Bonus Issues
Education is Brands / Patents
Knowledge is our Investment
Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim :
Reduce liabilities to zero at the end of the day.
Keep the current account active and alive.
Increase the value of the fixed deposit, by transferring funds from the current account.
Increase the value of the current assets every day.
Distribute the dividend with open hands.

Last Night (2010)

mp’s rating: 4/5

I have to say that I don’t really like the storyline, yet it is true and realistic at the same time.

And I hate the fact that the story may indeed happen (countless times, even) in some families.

Last Night tells the story about a married couple, Michael and Joanna, when they were spending one night apart from each other because Michael was sent on a business trip to Philadelphia. It depicts how the man (Michael) was seduced by his colleague, Laura, during the business trip and being unfaithful physically, while the woman (Joanna) met her ex-boyfriend (Alex) and being unfaithful emotionally.

It is indeed a very rich movie, and I have a sense of accomplishment in watching it. Why? I got to analyse the characters and read between the lines. It is that good.

(spoilers alert, this is my analysis on watching the movie. I really hope you have watched the movie before reading this)

Joanna (the married woman)

It is quite transparent that the star of the movie is indeed Joanna. After several years of marriage, Joanna and Michael live in a very good apartment in New York. My guess is, that Michael is a successful businessman. She met Michael, her husband, in college, and they got married young.

In terms of career, Joanna is a writer. She has published her book once, but it didn’t go well. In fact, it may have been so disastrous that she finds it hard to get up again. People say that it’s not her who’s at fault, yet it’s her publisher. But I think, Joanna has taken it so hard that she feels incompetent in her writing. Plus, I don’t think her husband supports her well. In time she feels insecure with her career, and with her marriage. She loved Michael, of course, but she was wondering about the dying passion that they once shared.

Michael (the married man)

Michael, is quite a successful businessman. He loves Joanna, but he too is wondering what he does wrong, and since when his marriage becomes dull and merely a routine. He always thought of himself as a devoted and committed man, and that he would never have cheated on his wife.

But I guess, he is bored, and he feels empty. And Joanna never really does love him the way he wants to be loved.

Laura (the one who seduced Michael)

Laura is the character that represents all of us. Once in a while, we really like to put ourselves into a position where we know the right thing to do, but we don’t really want to do it and instead we start to ‘ask for signs’ from the universe and let it decides for us. She is seducing Michael, and it is clear that she is attracted to Michael (no, not love, they barely know each other), but they have that ‘fling’, you know.

She had a partner once, but he died. And she wants to fill her emptiness inside, but she just doesn’t know with what. She wants something real, and quick. And during these times, it feels good to be noticed. Michael notices her. And soon she starts craving for more attention.

Of course, Laura is the one who seduces Michael, but Michael doesn’t really run from the temptation. Instead he plays the game; he wants to prove to himself that he could play around and not get seduced. But he is wrong. Michael does sleep with Laura that night. Although he doesn’t really love her. No, he is just attracted to her physically. And so does Laura. She just wants something to fill her emptiness.

Alex (Joanna’s ex-boyfriend)

On the other hand, Alex, a writer who lived in Paris with no sign of settling down, has loved Joanna dearly and he couldn’t let her go, even though she is already married. Joanna, too, loves Alex. Maybe even more than she loves Michael.

Alex and Joanna got together before Joanna got married, yet only for a short time. Joanna was visiting Paris to write her book, and she met Alex there. They fell in love. And it was love to the fullest.

Yet, what a girl wants, what every girl really wants, is to be fought for. Alex didn’t fight for Joanna. Even though he loves her, Alex, at that time, was too focused on his career rather than her, and Joanna decided that Alex wouldn’t be the one who fight for her. And she gave her up. She made her decision. A decision that left her wondering everyday of the question, “what if”.

When suddenly Joanna met Alex once again, it stirs up the fire that she doesn’t really share with Michael. For Alex cares for her. And there are still some unanswered questions about their relationship. And he loves her. But they didn’t sleep together, for Joanna is committed in her passionless marriage. She may have given her heart to somebody else, but her body belongs to her husband. Her husband, on the other hand, does the exact opposite thing.

Joanna, Michael, Laura, and Alex.

There is no perfect couple in this equation. Even Joanna and Alex, in my opinion, would not be a perfect couple even though they are together. Why? Because what I picked up from the movie is that Joanna loves the image that she makes about Alex, and so does Alex. Yes, Alex does regret that he didn’t go after Joanna. And Joanna regrets that she gave him up. But it would not be a healthy relationship as well. They have passion and love, but I can’t really see the commitment.

Joanna and Michael, on the other end, have the commitment, but have lost the passion and love. Saying ‘I love you’ become a routine, and it is said so easily without really thinking about the meaning. They are comfortable with each other, that’s it. As a couple, they are the ones who look okay from the outside, but from the inside, there are so much things that they don’t really share together. They have the money, but there were no support for each other, especially from Michael to Joanna. If they want to work on their relationship, it may work. But it’s a long way to go.

Michael and Laura, as I said before, are just having a fling. Of course, Laura is hurt when she finds out the next day (after they slept together) that Michael is going back to his wife. But she knows that is coming. She is not sad, I guess, she is more to being hurt. Being hurt once again of wanting to have something that she couldn’t have.

The movie.

And where did I get all these? From the actors and actresses, for they were just perfect. The acting is superb. Just one word, superb. You know, from Joanna’s expression of saying ‘I love you’ to Michael, and the way she kissed him, is so much different from the way Joanna was seeing Alex. Her eyes sparkled, she smiled widely, she kissed him passionately, and it was clear and she wanted to be with Alex. Her eyes told me so, so did her body language. And Alex did the same. Smiling gently to Joanna, looking deeply into her eyes, and I could even see the pain in his eyes when Joanna said that “she gave her up”.

Michael and Laura, were not having love. Why? Their body language. They just have lust. The fling. That was it. The way Laura looked at Michael, they are not the eyes of a woman falling in love. They are the eyes of a woman wanting to be someone. The way Michael looked at Laura is also the same, he just wanted to be physically intimate with her. Nothing else.

Although the ending is open ended (it is not told how the couples are doing after the night), the last scenes captured my heart so dearly. Laura, being told that Michael was going home, didn’t shed a single tear. She just looked blank, as if she knew what was happening and you know, take a deep breath, and “okay”, I’d move on. Michael, even though he said that he’s going to regret his decision of cheating on his wife, didn’t even give a single hint of remorse. He felt guilty, of course, and he wanted to make things right. But he didn’t really think it was that big deal. I guess, because he thought that he didn’t ‘cheat’ on her on his commitments and love, he just cheated with his body.

Alex, however, reminisced about his relationship with Joanna, and the things that could have happened if they were together. He looked at her pictures, and some flashback scenes were shown. And he cried when remembering all that, while smiling at the same time. It shows how much he loves her, and how he wishes he can rewind the time and fight for her.

Joanna, also reminisced her time with Alex, and shed tears. She didn’t feel guilty towards her husband because she didn’t really ‘do anything wrong’ physically. You know, for a woman, her heart and emotion is hers alone. It is her freedom, and her thoughts are her heaven.

Last Night is a really beautiful movie. You could feel that the acting is genuine and sincerely done. My heart aches the most for Alex, although he didn’t fight for her in the past. Because he loves her. He really does. He supports Joanna, and he respects her.

Yet I’m also aching for all the characters.

I couldn’t really blame Joanna for still loving Alex, for Michael didn’t fulfill her emotional needs (and women are emotional beings).

I couldn’t really blame Laura for seducing Michael, for she was feeling hurt herself, and it was Michael who plays with fire.

I couldn’t really blame Michael for his wife’s stolen heart to Alex and as a result seeking something to fill that emptiness as well.

I couldn’t really blame Alex for not fighting for Joanna at first because we always know how precious something is for us when we have lost them.

And I can’t erase Alex’s expression when he cried over reminiscing about Joanna. He smiled at the memory, but cried at the truth. I can’t imagine his hurt, his pain and loss, his regret of not fighting hard enough, his deep love, and his wish to have another chance. I just can’t erase that face from my mind.

I hope, that we would never lost something that we hold dearly in life. That we always have that feeling of first love towards those we love, that we always have the commitment, both physically and emotionally, and that we always fight for everything that’s worth fighting for. I hope that we would run from temptations instead of playing with fire. I hope we would choose all our choices wisely, and rightly.

I hope for everyone’s happiness.

Life updated: what have I done to my own room???!

A genius friend of mine gave me a brilliant idea the other day: what about decorating your own room?

I have thought about it for a long time (two hours), and I felt like it was the right (or doable) thing to do. Besides, I literally have NO idea how to spend Tuesday night and Wednesday day (do I sound lonely? Not really).

So this is what I’ve done to my bedroom wall.

my not-so-white bedroom wall

I got to say, it’s a bit impulsive (or actually it’s purely impulsive’s fault). I was tidying up my accessories (read: hair bands, hats, and blah, I love all) and I feel very sad of letting them crawling back into the dark box. besides, I wouldn’t know how many do I have, without really seeing them, right?

So I took out my shocking pink yarn ball, and glued it to the wall using blue-tags. Next, I put my favourite accessories along it. It doesn’t look too bad, so I went on with my creativity.

a closer look towards... creativity?

So that’s the lining up of my accessories. The hanger and pictures come lastly, but yeah, I just felt like the white board was lonely, so I put some photos. The hanger? I saw some unused hangers on my bedroom floor, took one, and that was pretty much it. Ehm.

So what’s the cafe-o-logy thingy on the right side?

I’m a collector. By this I mean I’m a collector of cafe namecards. I don’t have all the namecards of the cafes that I’ve been to, but at least I’m close.

I took out a big white sheet of paper and started to glue it (using blue-tags again) to the wall. I was about to put all my cafe namecards randomly on it while a second later I had an ‘aha’ moment. Why not draw a Melbourne map and put the namecards accordingly?

my Melbourne cafe-o-logy map

I know it’s a bit messy, and a little bit weird (it was midnight when I was doing this), but it was actually quite an interesting to do. It’s been a long, long time since I last used my creativity brain (back in high school, doing those posters for Biology presentation perhaps?).

I know, it will become dusty. But for this week, I think I’m actually going to let them live that way. If something goes wrong, perhaps I’ll force them to face an immature death. But for the time being, I’ll let myself to be in awe of my own creation (I believe I just watched a science fiction movie).

Voila, here’s my new bedroom wall.

Happy Thursday people, don’t forget that weekend’s coming soon!

I’m getting older, but why are they getting younger?

If you want to find someone who looks older (not more mature, but older) beyond her age, I believe that I am one of them.

Being the youngest child, yet having two sisters whose age gap are seven years and four years respectively, the ‘old’ genetic will be contagious.

Since young, I used to hang out with my sisters’ friends. You know, from those naive hijacking their dates because Mom told me so, to actually having lunch or dinner with their friends. And the weird revelation is this: sometimes I enjoy their company more than friends of my own age.

Today, I’m not yet 20 years old, but I hang out with the 25++ age group.

So instead of talking about the latest shopping trends, where to go on a Friday night, or the celebrities’ gossips, I’d be talking about my future career, about work and internships, and about networking. Instead of talking about one’s crush or new boyfriend, I’d be asking about the stories of their proposals, and their wedding preparations.

And yes, some of my friends call me the ‘anti-social’.

I am the type who prefers watching a DVD at home while ironing on weekends, instead of going out for lunch in groups and having desserts and going window shopping afterwards.

At first, my friends still send me messages to go out, but after going only to one out of ten invitations, they never bother to ask me again, I guess.

Of course, one-on-one invitation escapes this horrible rejection.

Yes, I’m still in need of social life, but when you go out with your friends, and they spend more time transfixed on their Blackberries instead of the living soul in front of them, what’s the use of going?

So sometimes it’s better to go out with older people, who’s not growing up with the addiction of social network.

Oh man, I feel old.

And if you think I have some grudges against Blackberry, I think you’re right.

A friend told me just recently, “Blackberry makes it far for those who are close, and close for those who are far.”

I know, it’s mostly a trend among Indonesians. It’s a common sight to see people walking while texting on their Blackberries in the malls. Autism, is a word invented for those who cannot be separated from their smartphones.

The constant need of knowing the latest Facebook updates and the latest tweets, of replying every single chat on their Blackberry Messenger, and of checking their phones constantly in every five minutes are disturbing.

Nor that iPhone users are better, but looking at the statistic of BB autism vs iPhone autism, yes, maybe in general, iPhone users are better.

me, myself, and my iPhone

Blackberry is not a noun, it’s a verb. People begin to ask your Blackberry pin before they ask your phone number. As a faithful iPhone user, again, it’s disturbing.

It would be very rude of me to ask my friends to kindly not attending to their phones while having lunch or dinner together. So instead of being grumpy for the whole occasion, I’d rather not go, and spend time with those who really want to have a nice chat with me.

The same thing just happened to me while catching up with my old friends recently. Once or twice or even thrice is okay, for I also replied several messages myself. But constantly going to their phone after two minutes and replying messages for another five, without really trying to make a friendly chat to your old friends, for me it’s a bit too much.

But over time I get used to it: the disturbing sight of people walking while texting, or eating (with their friends!) while texting. My immunity is just not to spend too much time with them.

I still remember how happy I was when I had a trip to a rural area. With no mobile connection, I was iPhone-less for the whole day.

And hey, I survived.