my (not so) lovely Monday

This is the only day when I set up my alarm at 5.55am in the morning, forcing myself to wake up one minute later, opening my laptop, and trying desperately to log into the Melbourne University student system to get a decent tutorial time for semester one, 2012.

Despite all my effort, I (half) failed.

I ended up trying to reschedule some of my classes.

Okay, despite the good news (the two days off), my timetable is pretty much… weird. It looks like stairs, and one day it starts at 8am, and another it ends at 6.15 pm, with lots of gaps in between.

There goes my new resolution not to skip any classes and become a good student.

And in the middle of battling with thousands others, trying to refresh the system frantically to be able to register in classes, I received an email that made me both sad and happy.

Here it goes:

Dear Marcella,

Thank you for your interest in our Internship Program. I attempted to call you today to talk through your application. If you can give me a call on xxxx xxx xxx when you have an opportunity, that would be much appreciated.

And I’d die to get into this internship. Okay, not that extreme, but I have been wanting to be in this internship since last year, and it just made me upset to think that I missed the call (probably for an interview?) because I am currently overseas. Ooooh, the pain. Today I’ll pray my hardest so that the kind caller will reply my email tomorrow and secure a place for me, by any chance… (it IS a VERY popular internship). I’ll leave it to God’s hands.

Not exactly a lovely morning to start my day, and not exactly a lovely Monday to start my week.

Plus, it’s been raining hard since dawn.

Okay, I exaggerated. Those issues are hardly brick walls, and I have already been whining at the slightest opportunity. I am officially a complainer with little to worry about.

So my goal for today:

1. Finish Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith for the third time.
2. Brainstorm ideas (or perhaps even start writing) for the next deadline
3. Drink more tea, or Baileys with ice, and sleep more (I lack sleep)
4. Eat less.

For closing, a friend of mine has shared this 9GAG’s photo on Facebook. Thought that it’ll be a bit more entertaining than my whining earlier.

Happy Monday folks!


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