Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows (2011)

mp’s rating: 4.5/5

In one word? Almost perfect.

At least for me it was.

Full of fun. humour. tricks. brain. incredible timing of slo-mo. Robert Downey Jr. Jude Law. Sherlock Holmes. Watson. and oh, have I mentioned that it’s the famous Sherlock Holmes?

So Sherlock, after discovering his new enemy, the brilliant Professor James Moriarty, has finally declared (or accidentally declaring, as he was drawn to Irene Adler…) a war with Moriarty. Kidnapping Watson on his honeymoon trip (yet again, he was so afraid of Watson dumping him), Sherlock, with his inhuman brain capability to track down Moriarty, set on a journey to stop the armageddon.

It has pretty much the same atmosphere with the first movie, only it is more intense. Robert Downer Jr, as Sherlock Holmes, together with Jude Law, as Watson, are perfect combination for the role. Even Rachel McAdams has performed splendidly as Irene Adler – charming, sweet, but insanely dangerous as well.

The movie is full of humour. The plot is great; the acting, the word choices, and I just couldn’t stop smiling while watching the movie as I am now watching one of the best movies in 2011 (in my own movie list, at least). Not to mention, it was shot in England, they had British accent, and oh my, have I mentioned that it is the Sherlock Holmes? (I know, I’m a biiiiiggg fan. *wide grin).

And a big applause for the producer, he even timed the slow motion movements all with a perfect timing. The punches, the war, the blunt expressions, the combination of colours, the background music – I felt that all was just perfect, just the way I imagine it to be.

There’s only one thing that I feel sad about Sherlock Holmes 2: Professor James Moriarty. He didn’t look cunning enough and at the same time genius enough to have that many followers. In short, he didn’t have the charisma as the Professor James Moriarty. Just a thought.


Dr. John Watson: [as he watches Sherlock drinking embalming fluid] You’re drinking embalming fluid?
Sherlock Holmes: [exhales] Yes. Care for a drop?
Dr. John Watson: You do seem…
Sherlock Holmes: Excited?
Dr. John Watson: Manic.
Sherlock Holmes: I am.
Dr. John Watson: Verging on…
Sherlock Holmes: Ecstatic?
Dr. John Watson: Psychotic.
Dr. John Watson: [pause] I should’ve brought you a sedative.

Sherlock Holmes: [referring to his disguise] It’s so overt it’s covert.


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