Life updated: a sad story

First of all, I haven’t been able to sleep for 4 days (or maybe 3? I don’t know, I lost count). I went to bed at around 10-11pm, and just stayed awake until around 2-3am. It was exhausting. I didn’t know why I couldn’t sleep (maybe I was not tired enough during the day?) but I hope today I can sleep – I need it.

Yesterday night I gave up and continued opening my laptop and listening to Randy Pausch’s last lecture (yet again). Even after listening to the one-hour-plus-plus lecture, I still couldn’t sleep. My eyes were tired, my brain demanded that sleep, but…

So today, after visiting my teachers at school (this time, I brought some cakes), I fell asleep. From 3pm to 7pm (now you know why the post didn’t get published at the usual time, I haven’t written it).

I woke up (because of my mom’s urge), and I opened Facebook. Today was the semifinal of Aussie open, Nadal vs Federer.

Oh, double sad.

And the fact that I couldn’t watch that match!

I was, am, and will always be a fan of Federer (this I’m sure), and I feel really, really, sad for not being able to watch the game. Not only that, I couldn’t see the scores because Aussie open website took forever to load. So I posted my sadness on Facebook, and my good friends from Melbourne updated the live score every 10 seconds. (at this point, should I feel happy or sad?)

in the middle of people who are cheering for Federer / Nadal or screaming at their television, I am desperate to ask for the score because even the oz open website took forever to load here in Jakarta. :( nevertheless, Federer, you’ll always have my full support! (58 comments)
And Federer lost, so triple sad. It’s really funny how sports fan can really get sad or happy because someone wins, or loses.
So now, I’ll cheer myself up by reading Mitch Albom’s ‘Have a Little Faith’ for the third time (not a very good remedy, but that will do).
Happy Thursday people! And FYI, I’m finally going to do some sports tomorrow: badminton with some old friends!

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