Life updated: life is beautiful

Have you ever watched that movie titled, “Life is Beautiful“? It depicted a tale of a lower class man who fell in love with a high status woman, got married, and had a son. Sadly, war broke up, and while cleverly deceiving his son of having a game rather than being in a Nazi camp, he managed to keep his son alive, and sacrificing his own.

Albeit the fact that it’s been published fifteen years ago, I still remember that movie clearly, for the story struck a deep chord within me, and I believe it will never leave. It is a true tale of love, friendship, family, and humanity. And if the ones who experiencing war and all that hardships can say that ‘life is beautiful’, why can’t we?

And in the past couple of months, I have finally been able to say that too. Entering the new year with some unresolved baggage of the past, suddenly one by one they are resolved. Oh, miraculously, they did. Six of my unresolved past, precisely.

Long story short, one apologised to me for he did a couple of years back, another three start building their friendship again with me, for another two I have found the courage to start talking as old friends again. I feel freedom.

And not only freeing myself from some ‘hard feelings’, I have even made more progress in my writing, and love life. I can sincerely say that life is beautiful, and more than that, it’ll be more beautiful in time, I believe that. Problems can come, ups and downs, but I will remind myself each day that life is worth it. It is.

Holiday’s been progressing as usual, I have found myself browsing more articles, reading more (Indonesian) newspapers, chatting and catching up with some old friends, and also spending time with my family. I am constantly fighting the mean mosquitoes day and night, and I secretly wish that mosquitoes would go extinct, literally. I played tabletennis with some of my friends, and it was a good catch up, but a very lousy sport for me (my skills have depleted and depleted and depleted… Or it might be that I never have the skills of playing tabletennis at all).

And oh, have I mentioned that most of my friends are having girlfriends/boyfriends by now? How time flies!

And now, I know how great is the feeling of drinking your cup of hot tea in the morning while reading the newspaper, oh, welcome, life! :)


2 thoughts on “Life updated: life is beautiful

  1. blueroselady says:

    always love La Vita e Bella, watched it @ one of the toughest period of my life journey. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Blueroselady, you’re welcome! this movie is on the top list of my all time’s favourite movies!:) it reminds me to still be able to say that ‘life is beautiful’, even though we are in the middle of facing difficulties..

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