Tuesday’s Tale: Be the Change

As a Jubileevers, I am very impressed that The Jubilee Project, along with all other You-Tubers (Jayleslee, David Choi, Ryan Nigahiga, WongFu Productions, Clara C, Cathy Nguyen, and many more…), has found their demographic, and how devoted are their fans towards them. It is definitely a new era (of course, no more Michael Jackson’s song, no more believing that Mariah Carey and Celine Dion are the Diva…), but do I really like the change? Well, yes and no.

It’s a story for another time, but for the mean time let’s see the latest Jubilee Project’s video. It’s titled, “Be the Change”.

Not a new question, but provoking enough to be asked in the early new year.

Well, the one thing that I’d like to see changed in the world is that people will turn back to God. World peace, love, happiness, all of them will follow closely… It’s a bit too much, but for a more realistic change… I guess I’d like to see people being happy. Isn’t it the one thing that people are striving for? Happiness?

The second question, is a bit tricky. If I had one last day to live? I’ll wake up at 8am, and enjoy a big breakfast at home while doing my devotion. Then, I’ll do the ‘paperwork’ till lunch – calling people, saying how much I love them, apologise, say thank you, make my one last blog post, my one last article, and write one last letter to my family, good friends, and partner. I’ll have lunch with my partner, or maybe a picnic at the park, and take our last photo. Then we might walk along the beach, admiring God’s creation while holding hands, just enjoying each other’s company. I’ll go back home, eat dinner, drink my hot cup of tea, sit at the sofa, and just like any other days, I might turn on the television and watch something with him beside me. I just have one wish then, a wish that I have since I was a little girl: if I need to go, I want to go while being wrapped in the arms of him who loves me. Then I’ll be smiling, and readying myself to meet my maker.

It’ll be just another ordinary day, simple, not too much activities, not packed, and definitely not trying to do all the things I’d like to do – ‘cos it’s just impossible. I just want to simply enjoy the last day, with the one that I never wish to be parted from. I bet it’ll be beautiful.

At the very least, that’s what the heart of a nearly 20-year-old imagines her last day.


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