green is the colour of envy

Green, is the colour of plants, trees, and gardens. It is a symbol of the loving natural environment. Yet green, is light enough to describe how easy can people fall in jealousy. And green, it is dark enough to be able to describe how intense the feeling of envy can be.

People are programmed to compare oneself with another, and they are further urged to be better than the other. From school ranks, sports competitions, love life, boyfriends, girlfriends, money, to how successful you are in life. We see someone succeed, and we congratulate them; yet sometimes we find our little heart whispers, “Why can’t I be that successful like them?”

When you open Facebook and the top story of your girl friends being ‘in a relationship’ shows up, girls, how many times do you try to stalk them and see what her boyfriend looks like? (I know I do, even though I’m not even close with them). Then there might be comparison, or there might be not, but that act propels some questions that I can’t really think of an excuse why. Why do I want to know what her boyfriend looks like, what’s his occupation, or if he’s successful or not? Am I unconsciously comparing what’s mine to theirs? Is he a romantic? Or a douche? Does he treat her well? And unconsciously, the list goes on.

When someone succeeds, or fails, or seeing some couples write sweet, too sweet talks on Facebook that may be looked as an ‘inappropriate affection to be seen in public’, sometimes I feel the urge to know the story. It’s none of my business, but the information is there, laying open in front of my eyes. Just a few clicks and I’ll know what happens. It’s tempting.

Life goes on, and suddenly your ordinary friend gets an extraordinary job. Others find interns, and seeing them so passionate about their dreams, you begin to envy them – why can’t I be that passionate about my own dreams? And oh, wait, what are my dreams again? Even you started to count your Facebook birthday messages and compare it with others.

And just when you see other people’s lives so perfect – having a good-looking partner, great brain, awesome amount of money, good career, and happy life – you wonder if they have ever faced problems, and bam, you’ll try to find their little imperfections. I did it sometimes. I wasn’t proud of it, but we realised that the neighbour’s grass is greener after we have spent some time in their grass, right?

I found it’s horrifying how easy can I envy someone, suddenly forgetting all the blessings that I have in my life.

It’s scary how unconsciously you can wish to be like them, or for them to be ‘lesser’ than you, instead of admiring them sincerely for what their hard work pays.

And do you know what end does the people who envy others have?

When green gets darker, it’ll turn to black.

Be thankful for who you are always, for envy is the path that leads to death – not comfort, not satisfaction, and definitely, not happiness.

Ps. there is a book about envy that I’d really like you all to read... It’s called The Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen by Serena Valentino, which review will be posted on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “green is the colour of envy

  1. blueroselady says:

    Dear Marcella

    I love you! I want to hug you like hugging my sister. Thank you for being honest. I think girls are more prone to envy.

    In my humble opinion, envy partly originates from our childhood. You are right in saying that we have to compete in school, sports, relatives, and sadly in some family, since at very tender age. Yet, now you are aware of this feeling, and the feeling of too much envy is not good for our health. You can redirect the energy for envy to others, e.g. you can be proud of your successful and happy friends. You can shine through your own talents, because there is only 1 you.

  2. Hi Blueroselady,

    Thank you for your warm respond! I’m really glad that you enjoy the article :). I think so too, I mean, childhood is a critical point in our lives where our values and paradigms are being developed. hope that we all shine through our own talents! :).

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