Puss in Boots (2011)

mp’s rating: 2.5/5

Long ago, in a faraway land, where evil stepmothers, fairies, and talking donkeys existed – lived a cat, who walked on two feet. His blood has a Spanish accent, and he wore a pair of black boots as a symbol of justice. He is called – the Puss in Boots.

Okay, that was quite a cheesy introduction, yet the movie is quite entertaining indeed, with lots of talking animals, magic, myths, and humours.

Before his adventure with Shrek in Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek 3, the mysterious cat has a tale of his own, where he was once an orphan and adopted by a loving mother. There, in a small town, he grew up with an egg – named Humpty Dumpty. They were good friends, and brothers. But as time passed they both chose a different path. Puss trying to pursue justice and make his adoptive mother proud, while Humpty going the other way – feeding his ego and eventually walked down the dark path.

One fateful day, Humpty tricked Puss to steal money from the town’s bank, leaving Puss a villain rather than a hero. Chased by the guards, Puss decided to run and leave Humpty behind, and the wicked egg ended up serving his sentence behind the bars.

Years passed, and Puss has tried to clear his name ever since. He met Humpty once again, with another female cat, Kitty Softpaws. Humpty apologised, and he asked Puss to be in a mission, to steal magic beans from the infamous villains Jack and Jill, to go to the floating kingdom up above, and to steal the golden eggs. What happened next, is what you need to watch for yourself, if ever you want to watch this movie.

So far, the movie proved to be quite entertaining, yet I didn’t really think it was worth to watch at the cinema (I watched this movie at the airplane – thank God for Singapore airlines’ in-flight entertainment). It was ok-only movie – I’ll give it a pass, but not more. It has a lot of cheesy scenes, in my opinion. I almost fell asleep during the movie, and even had been tempted to fast forward the movie.

Puss in Boots is the type of movie that you’ll watch once to entertain yourself with a cup of tea at home, but not exactly a movie material to be watched at the cinema, or even to be watched for a second time. However, it gave me good company during the 20-hour flight.


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