Life updated: Well well well, I’m finally back!

It’s been weeks since I last updated my blog in person. So first of all, let me wish you a wonderful new year! I have so much to write, from book reviews (I have finished 4 books over the holiday, now I think it’ll take me weeks to finish all the reviews – if I decided to write in details), holiday trips, new year, this, and that…

Well, I just got back safe and sound to my home in Jakarta yesterday. The weather is hot, very hot, and I can assure you that I am in need of Melbourne’s cup of latte, and my apartment’s terrific internet access. I believe my life can be shortened if I try to be online for another two hours in this very, very slow internet access that I have at home. So, so sad.

A brief recap – I have been travelling to US in December, visiting New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Niagara Falls, and Orlando. I have been to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and Island of Adventure (and I really want to make a review for each trip. When will these reviews be finished…?). I have tried the famous Boston’s lobster, the Buffalo’s chicken wing, the clam chowder, the fries, fries, and more fries, hot dogs, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, and more burgers… I went to Kennedy’s Space Centre (NASA) and even took a picture with the astronaut. Well, so far, life was good.

It was a packed and tiring trip, but rewarding as well. I laughed, smiled, coughed, sneezed, and giggled with my parents, my two sisters, and my brother in law. Overall, I had a very nice vacation.

Plus, I have watched Real Steel and Puss in Boots, (hopefully) the reviews will be coming soon.

And oh, I felt ecstatic when I checked out my dashboard site performances. Even though I haven’t updated my blog properly for a month, there were still many people visiting my blog everyday! For those of you who did, thank you! I feel honoured ;p.

Over the holiday, I realised that even though I love going to US and being away for the holiday, I did miss blogging, writing, and reading articles and news. I miss my routines – drinking a cup of coffee while reading a novel, watching TV with my hot cup of green tea, reading people’s Facebook status updates, writing stories and meeting the deadlines, and publishing a freshly-written blog post. I still have one more full month of living in Jakarta (will be back to Melbourne on February 5th), so those routines should wait a little while longer.

So here are the 2012 updates:

  1. This blog will resume its activities as per usual, and hopefully this year will be full of exciting, interesting posts that can entertain you!
  2. The 2011 blog posts summary will be released soon, so stay tuned.
  3. And now, not only a blogger and a journalist for Meld Magazine, I am now officially a blogger for Farrago (The University of Melbourne’s magazine). I am so excited and scared at the same time (especially when I was interviewed…), but I promise to do my best!
  4. I am now a final year student. The subjects that I’m taking this semester are: Relationship Marketing (this one is still optional, but I can’t find other interesting subjects to take… Let’s see how it goes), Developing persons in social world (Psychology subject), Writing Journalism (Media and Communication subject), and Research (Psychology subject). I have a feeling that it will be a tough semester, so I am still not sure whether to take part-time jobs or not… (I am a student, a blogger, a Meld’s journalist, and a Farrago’s blogger. Isn’t it too much already?). Plus, I’m thinking of applying for a psychology internship in Royal Children’s Hospital. Not that I can get in, but with much luck and prayers…
  5. New year’s resolution? There are none (or not yet being made). A wise friend of mine said that he has now learned from his mistakes by not making new year’s resolution. A good idea, I think. Why? Because I ended up doing something completely different than my new year’s resolution. I never get any thinner (in fact, I just gained 3 kgs), so scrape that off the list. Nor that I’m more diligent somehow or have learned how to cook properly. *sigh. I guess my highest priority for 2012 is still to improve my grammar…

That’s all from me for now. Updates will be coming as soon as I… have time to sit and write some more. :) Happy New Year once again to you all! Hope that this year you all can achieve all your dreams, and become a better man and woman. I always like to say that life is short, so use it wisely.

As a fan of quotes (yes, you might notice that by now), let me close this new year’s post by quoting Randy Pausch,

“The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.”


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