Friends with Benefits (2011)

mp’s rating: 2.5/5

It basically has the same plot with No Strings Attached.

But less plot, more bedroom scenes.

While trying to avoid the clichés of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie soon discover however that adding the act of sex to their friendship does lead to complications.

So the story. A guy and a girl, want to have casual sex, finally realised that it’s not going to happen, then they develop feelings for each other, and they become a couple. Sounds familiar?

Friends with Benefits is the type of movie, for me, which I’ll be using fast-forward button because I know where the story leads, and never to watch again. Is it that bad? Well, no, not really. I just have my own criticism because it’s Justin Timberlake (I just don’t think you can act because you can sing – see Mariah Carey [in Glitter], or Carey Underwood [in Soul Surfer] or Jennifer Lopez [in Back-up Plan, but I think she is better than the rest]).

However, if you have no other movie, I guess it’s okay to watch this to entertain you.



One thought on “Friends with Benefits (2011)

  1. I think Kunis and Timberlake seem like a great pair, so I’ll catch this one as soon as I get the chance. Sometimes good entertainment is quite refreshing.

    Nice work!

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