Congratulations to Karen Poh and Heng Khuen!

Heng Khuen and Karen Poh, photo by Shaun Lee

My Meld editor, Karen, is getting married today! Too bad I can’t attend the wedding, I’m halfway across the globe from Australia right now.

However, you guys are a very sweet couple, and I wish you nothing but the best :).

Congratulations, and hope you have a magical wedding, like the one you always dream of.

To Karen, thank you for sharing your life journey in Meld with me. I learn a lot from you and joining Meld is definitely one of the best decision I have ever made in my life :).

To Heng Khuen, the proposal video was a kicker. I really love it! It shows your outgoing and funny personality and I believe you and Karen will have a happy life together. And oh, I totally love reading your blog!

So once again, on this day, 10/12/11, congratulations!

Here’s a gift from the Meld team :))

Ps. THANK YOU Julian for making this video, you are awesome! :)))


One thought on “Congratulations to Karen Poh and Heng Khuen!

  1. Karen Poh says:

    Hey Marcella and everyone else at Meld…. THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a lovely video. I’m gushing right now! Hehe! It has been a pleasure working with you all, and it’s been an even greater joy to have the opportunity to share such an important milestone in my life together!

    PS – Gotta love the yum seng… and the ladies, you were uber sweet!
    PPS – And thanks again Julian for putting it all together!


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