Life updated: a week’s life

If I were to be allergic towards anything, it would be towards airplanes. Nope, not flying, but airplanes. I have no idea why airplanes have that distinct odour that make my stomach twist. And worse, I can smell it from ten miles away (okay, I lied, I don’t even know how far ten miles is).

I went back from Melbourne to Jakarta yesterday, and after ten-gruesome-and-horrible-hours flight, here I am, waking up at 7.30am (Jakarta time, which is four hours before Melbourne’s), finding myself unable to sleep (well, it will be 11.30 am in Melbourne), opening my laptop, and setting aside some time to blog. And I feel like I don’t want to travel with airplanes anymore, so how can I survive a 30-hours flight to US? Urgh, I don’t even want to think about it.

On the up side, I watched The Help and Jane Eyre and half of Friends with Benefits. The Help was an extraordinary movie, I highly recommend you all to watch it (hopefully I’ll be able to post a review tomorrow). Jane Eyre was weird. I expected something like Pride and Prejudiced, but I can’t even see the plot. I think the characters are not developed well enough, which makes me wondering what is the point of the story. Anyway… Friends with Benefits? Well, most scenes took place in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. I don’t see the point of the movie either (No Strings Attached was way, way much better).

On the down side, I was air sick (sea sick… air sick?), trying to sleep with no success, and finally seeing my sister so pale (she definitely was more air sick than me), I tried my best to calm myself, while at the same time looking frequently at my watch – wishing that I was walking on earth, not sitting on air.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve got deep vein thrombosis (google it up).

So yes, I am officially in Jakarta right now, and in four hours I’ll be going to a reflexology to get a long, decent massage! Oh, life is good. Now? Time to go upstairs and fetch some old comics and relive my childhood, then go to the kitchen and make myself a warm, delicious Milo while reading the newspaper!

Oh, I just realised… How will I survive three months without a proper Melbourne-style coffee? The horror…

By the way, my sister graduated last Saturday, and here are some sneak peaks of how the event went! She is now officially a doctor!

my second sister, Jess, and me, my parents, and my grandparents

it's me, I know, it's not my sister. (with her big lily bouquet from her boyfrend) ;p

Tjok, me, Jess, Pohan, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma @ Gold Leaf Restaurant, Docklands


One thought on “Life updated: a week’s life

  1. Lover says:

    “Friends with Benefits? Well, most scenes took place in the bedroom, if you know what I mean…”
    Lol – i know that the bedroom thingy is quite cheesy but what i like about the show is on how they successfully portraying a campaign on NYC&LA as a city tourist destination to be. (even though it’s not like that in reality!) But that glimpse of scenery make me wanna go there again and again esp. during this holiday festive :D

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