life updated: life as we know it

I know this life – the kind of life that I spend on drinking (coffee), eating (lots of food), watching (countless movies), and sleeping (as long as I can). This is holiday – my life as we all know it.

The trip to Sydney last week was not that great, but I need to keep reminding myself that it was worth it – well, at the very least, I did try the food at Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant (Jamie’s Italian) and Adriano Zumbo’s new patisserie shop (Zumbo’s Train). Plus, I had the delicious, fresh seafood (oh, the oysters are great!) at Fish Market, and the grandeur pork ribs at Hurricane. The trip to Sydney was pretty much a culinary one, and here are some of the photos:

who says Marcella has only one pose???! Okay, I'm embarrassing myself here, but here I am at Chinese Garden - Sydney! *stressed because of the rain.

going to Taronga Zoo, Sydney

hurricane's pork ribs!

with my sister at Lowenbrau, drinking the famous mango beer. yum :).

at the Blue Mountain, visiting Scenic World in the middle of the rain and fog... (the pics are somehow better than reality. hmm...)

fish-eye mode. and yes, I gain weight >.<.

looking at the supposedly 'blue mountain' with a great scenery with the eyes of faith.... and yet it was still all white....

seeing with the eyes of faith attempt #2

at Jamie's Italian, Sydney

at Adriano Zumbo's Train dessert/patisserie restaurant

Ps. I have made an article about Melbourne vs Sydney, yet I haven’t published it, (crossing my fingers that my editor will like it and want to publish it on Meld).

I finished the fourth Paolini’s Inheritance book and it was damn good. The best series that I have ever read (yes, even more than Harry Potter!). I’d really like to write a review on all four books (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance), but I know it will cost me much time that I can’t afford to lose right now (parents are here, ahem). So I’ll update more about that in January.

My Mom has arrived here since Monday, and my Dad, grandmother and grandfather arrived here this morning. All came for my sister’s graduation! Tonight (or now, as it is published) we will have a feast at MaBrown Restaurant (Chinese restaurant whose quail is so delicious). Yum, can’t wait.

And the itinerary for the next few days is… eating. This restaurant, that restaurant, road trip to Mornington, another restaurant, and going back to Jakarta, Indonesia on the 7th. Then, I’ll be off to US on the 13th, going to Singapore on the 29th, and going back to Indo again on the 3rd of January! Life is good =D.

So if you don’t hear from me for a month, apologies. I’ll try to update once in a while, yet I can’t promise the regularity of this blog. But I wish you all an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hope that your life will be full of blessings and happiness.

Au revoir. :)


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