For the love of Disney: the top 10 + 1 questions

Have you ever wondered if whether the ‘about’ me description on my home page is true, because I never actually post anything about Disney? (well maybe a couple posts about some Disney movie reviews).

One of my friends post this on Facebook the other day: If Disney Princesses were real, and I am reminded of how much I love Disney.

“We’ve always loved the Disney princesses in a fairy tale sense, so we’ve never imagined they were real. But one graphic design student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth in the UK had the creative idea to bring Disney characters to life using photo manipulation.”

Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin comes to “real” life via a graphic artist’s rendering

Pocahontas is working some Barbie-like proportions.

Princess Aurora of “Sleeping Beauty” looks like a supermodel. Those cheek bones!

We can understand why everyone is obsessed with Esmeralda,
the stunning gypsy in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Megara from “Hercules” looks like she’s up to no good. Perhaps because she had to work for Hades.

If mermaids were real, Ariel of “The Little Mermaid” might look like this.

Beautiful Belle may not fall for Beast right away, but he’ll find a way to win her over.

And here’s his latest addition: Mulan!

photos by:

So here are some of my own made-up questions about Disney:

1. What’s your favourite animated Disney character (female) and why?

This is a hard question. Like HARD hard. I have three competing candidates: Mulan, Belle, and Tiana.Well, you might have guessed why those three are on my top list. They are all smart and hardworking girls.

Mulan has some identity crisis at first and then she decides to follow her heart, and becomes the saviour of China. Belle is a smart girl who thinks that there is much more to life than just this, and her attitude of loving someone not because of the look, but because of his heart is really the highlight of the story. Tiana, a girl who first thinks that life can only be lived by hardwork, yet in the end believes in love.

My vote will go to Belle, because she makes me believe in the beast – an imperfect guy will be perfect, if you just love him.

2. What’s your favourite animated Disney character (male) and why?

Again, hard question. My three candidates will fall to Aladdin, Naveen, and Eugene.

I guess Aladdin is the first male character whose personality is so well developed in Disney movies, compared to other Prince Charming who just fight the dragon and save the princess. The reason I love Aladdin is because he’s the street rat,yet he has that potential in him that no one sees. Yet he meets Ginnie, and with Abu, he gains the confidence and the self esteem to accept himself as he is, and that’s what we want from guys: confidence!

Naveen in The Princess and the Frog also lives up to my expectation. Even though raised as a Prince, his lifestyle is damaging his life, and this is what I see from most guys as well: when it’s time to be serious, leave your childlike attitude and grow up.

Eugene in Tangled is just… my dream Prince Charming (I think). He is quite a bad boy-ish, but he is actually a nice guy; he just hasn’t found the right direction. Yet in the end, during those critical moments, he finally chooses the right thing to do. Besides, he has a very good sense of humour.

So the final vote. I’ll choose Aladdin. Although a street rat, he has a lot of potential in him, and if nurtured correctly, he is going to be a great guy someday. His humility and attitude impress me.

3. What’s your favourite animated Disney character (non-humans) and why?

The three candidates are Maximus (the horse in Tangled), Marlin (Nemo’s father in Finding Nemo), and Sebastian (the crab in The Little Mermaid).

Maximus, because he is so loyal and full of spirit, not to mention that he is a royal horse and he can fight! Marlin, because he is such a loving father, and Sebastian, because he is just adorable. He worries too much though, but in a humorous way!

So I guess, the vote goes to Maximus.
(No Mickey Mouse, Pooh, or Donald Duck, seriously????) Well, yea… sorry to disappoint you guys.

4. What’s your ultimate Disney pet?

Maximus, of course! (or Toothless in How to train your dragon. Sadly, it’s not Disney).

5. Who’s your ultimate Prince Charming?

Now I’m considering Aladdin or Eugene… Hmm…. I think Eugene, because life will be more fun with him around. =D

6. Who’s your favourite Disney Princess?

Actually, Ariel. Just because she is so pretty, she can sing very well, and she IS a mermaid!

7. What’s your favourite animated Disney movies?

If I can say all, I’ll say all. But the top three are: Up, The Princess and the Frog, and Beauty and the Beast.

And of course, my the ultimate one goes to Up. It is a very heartwarming story, with beautiful concept and it tells about why life’s worth living.

8. What is your favourite Disney soundtrack?

Hmm, HARD. Okay, top ones: I see the light (Tangled), I’ll make a man out of you (Mulan), Be our guest (Beauty and the beast), I just can’t wait to be king (Lion King), A whole new world (Aladdin), Beauty and the beast (Beauty and the beast), Kiss the girl (Little Mermaid), The Call (Chronicles of Narnia), Circle of Life (Lion King), Go the distance (Hercules), I won’t say I’m in Love (Hercules), Aloha O’e (Lilo & Stitch), Once upon a December (Anastasia)…

I don’t think I can choose. So I’ll let my iTunes choose for me, and the most played song is I see the light (Tangled).

9. Who is the loveliest Disney couple?

Carl and Ellie in UP, of course! It is the first movie that is actually able to make me cry in the first ten minutes.

Just in case you think it’s cheating, my second loveliest Disney couple award goes to Aladdin and Jasmine.

10. What is the funniest scene in Disney movies?

Top one: the scene in Toy Story 3 where Buzz does that Latin dance, it’s hilarious. Second: the scene in Tangled when Eugene fights Maximus, frying pan vs sword. And of course, third: the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, where Jack Sparrow runs for his dear life from the cannibals!

+ 1. Why do you like Disney?

So here’s the $100 billion question: why do I like Disney? Not only that it’s entertaining, full of inspirational stories, and funny, it also makes me believe in magic. The real world nowadays are full with children who try so hard to grow up faster, full of skeptics who just believe in the art of science, and full of humans who do not dare to dream. Magic happens, and it still does. It’s in those moments that take your breath away, in the pure smile of a child, in the warm sunlight, in every hug and kiss, and in the heart of those who believe.

And seeing these creative arts make me fall in love with Disney even more! :)


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