Year 2, Semester 2 reflection

Third year is approaching soon, so what subjects should I take next year? Or specifically, what breadth subject should I take? This is the time of the year when I am stressed out due to choosing the right subjects to prepare me for the future and to make my life easier.

So I have one more slot for semester one, and all the breadth subjects that I’d like to take are offered in semester two. Plus, the ‘quite ok’ subjects that are offered in semester one have timetables that clashed with my other subjects. Oh boy, this is hard.

I’d like to take some marketing subjects, or linguistics, but they are all a bit hard or have a lot of subject requirements. So now I’m drinking a hot chocolate milk at 9.15pm at night, looking back and forth at my multiple tabs of possible subjects.

Here are some possible subjects: The secret life of language, grammar of english (yes, I know, my grammar is very poor), language and identity, and leading change in a complex world. Do they sound interesting? Ehm, not really.

Okay, back to the main topic. The semester 2, year 2 reflection.

It was quite a hard semester – full of essays and assignments and exams, but I survived.

Personality and Social Psychology. At first I thought this will be the number one subject that I will definitely love, as I am highly interested in personality and the social aspect of humans. Well, it turns out that I didn’t really enjoy this subject. Well, there are some interesting facts and behaviours to note, but I kinda think that the subject is dull (or is it just me?). As I said before, I am not the type of person that can learn theories. I don’t want to be learning and remembering researches without knowing the application to the ordinary real lives. This subject’s exam was so hard. I just wish that I’d get a decent grade… Good enough to enable me to enrol in Honours program.

Cognitive Psychology. Well, again, I do not like the mind… Yes, it is fascinating, but I really think humans are complicating things… I’m not really interested in the theories and the possible explanations of how the mind works, I’m more interested in the why does the mind think that way. Same as previous subject, the exam was hard. I really wish that I will get a decent grade.

Deafness and Communication. An interesting subject, and a creative one indeed. I learn more about deafness and its community and I think it broadens my horizon. It reminds me of how important education, family, and a supportive community are. I think I’ve done fairly well for this subject. Aiming for h1, so please please please….

Introduction to Media Writing. Although it is the most demanding one (assignments: profile writing, review, travel writing, PNA, opinion piece, news story, and group presentation), I really like this subject. It takes me out of my comfort zone and force me to explore my creativity and talent that I didn’t know exist. Most of my writings are already published (see portfolio to browse through the latest ones), and I’m quite proud of that. My tutor was so good, and this subject really gives me hands-on experience in writing. I really hope I’ll score well for this!

So… the breadth subject hunt for next year will continue again soon…

And just a note, I’ll be going to Sydney from Wednesday to Saturday, and will be quite busy during December (my sister’s graduation, going back home to Indonesia, holiday trip to US and Singapore), so there will be irregular postings from now on (not everyday as I used to do). I wish you all to have a great holiday ahead!

Happy early holiday! making salmon canape for a home party last week ;)


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