life updated: holiday, holiday, holiday, holiday!

No blog post from Marcella today, really? Nah, not really, it’s still 11pm so it’s still considered today, and here I am, sitting down on my sofa, listening to Adam Sandler’s ‘I want to grow old with you’ song, and trying to think on what to update. Oh yes, exam.

I finished my exam yesterday, and it was hard. It was really hard. But at least I’ve done what I could, and after the exam my good friends (Esther, Ruiting, Shirlyn, and Joel) and I went to Crown Hotel to get some fancy dinner! It was a $25 buffet, and it was quite good actually. The tomato and basil soup was the winner, I suppose, and I ate too much yesterday… And it was really cold at night. Hmm.

Just now my sister was hosting a ‘party’, a celebration for graduating her medical degree (yes, she is going to be a doctor next year). We had fun. Even though I was the youngest (a not-even 20 year old girl among… 23++…?), yet they were really friendly. We had fun playing the ‘taboo’ board game and UNO ;). Lovely!

Tomorrow? My high school friends and I were planning to have brunch. A friend from Sydney will be visiting us in Melbourne, so I am quite looking forward to it.

However… This past week has been a very hectic one. I did not manage to reply messages, e-mails, Facebook messages, chats, calls, anything. I even almost forgot to re-enroll (I know, right?). I have no idea why I have no time, but I guess my excuse will be exam. Hmm, not a good excuse, I know.

News of the week… the Confessions of the Tweeter. It correlates highly with my post on Monday.

“I finally committed “Twittercide” about a month ago. Some of my followers begged me to reconsider, and the flood of affection and good wishes felt a little like the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” But I knew it was time to return to mine.”

Well, I’m not really a fan of Twitter, not that I tweet a lot (I just use Twitter to read news), but I still don’t really get what’s addicting about Twitter. If it’s about Facebook, I still get it – like the urge of stalking people… or something like that… but I guess ‘I’m not there yet’ about knowing what’s ‘it’ about twitter that makes you able to be in Twitter for hours… Hope I’ll never get there. I have lived two peaceful days not worrying about Facebook, Twitter, or any updates (maybe that’s the reason why I don’t reply so many messages… I fell bad.)

And this morning, my sister got a story to tell. You see, we were heading to the supermarket to buy the stuffs for the party tonight (we made salmon canape, chicken wing, and fruit cocktail), when she suddenly stopped by the post office. On the way back to the car, she walked on the grass, and guess what? She got stung by a bee, on the toe. So our trip was cancelled, we drove back home, and she took an antihistamine and put ice on her toe. She ended up ironing while watching How I Met Your Mother and I went to the supermarket alone. The lesson is, do not try to cut paths by walking on the grass. If you’re unlucky, some mad bees might feel that you are crossing his territory and stung you. uh oh.

And for pictures… I’d really like to post them, but I was too exhausted to actually take my camera + connecting cable and try to save the photos in my computer and upload them… Maybe next time?

And being a good student, I didn’t watch anything in the cinema last week (too bad, I have nothing to review for tomorrow’s post), but I’m thinking of reviewing a cafe (that’s more like it? lol). Anyways, this weekend, I think I’m going to watch the third (or fourth?) Twilight… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan, even you can say that I’m a cynic (perhaps…), but someone wants to watch it so much, so I guess it’s wiser to make him happy… hmmm… that doesn’t sound right…. Anyway, it’s late, and my brain doesn’t want to work anymore, so, I’ll take a good warm bath and go to sleep – my cozy bed’s waiting.

Good night people, and hope you have an amazing Thursday today! ;)

I don’t know what picture to put, so I guess, this was me when going to Daylesford. :)


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