Tuesday’s Tale: The Spare

If you haven’t watched last week’s The One Day HK – Dream Line, please watch that first, as this is a sequel towards that video.

While in the prequel story the couple is trying to savor the moments that they have left, in this sequel the separation day is approaching. The girl starts to think that one year of not meeting each other is quite long, and she is wondering if whether their relationship will survive. However, the guy, knows that girls need reassurance, and he gives her the best separation gift ever.

The gift, for me, symbolises the reassurance that the girl needs. When he’s gone, she will look at the gift and be hopeful once again, knowing that her partner has committed himself into the relationship.

The Spare

The Spare is a short narrative that evolved from the idea of a simple phone conversation. Essentially, it is a brief glimpse of two people’s lives as we see them in everyday life. The Spare reveals a playful, endearing, and realistic relationship between a young couple as they have a casual conversation. Produced as a part of a collective series called The One Days: HK, this short shows real people in familiar and commonplace Hong Kong surroundings. Shot in one day in Tseung Kwan O.


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