Life updated: exam, assignment, and taking back criticism on JB

One exam’s done. One final essay’s done. Next? Psych exam for next Wed.

So how did I go so far? The exam was quite hard, and the things that I expected would not be asked, were asked (weren’t all exams like that?). But I think I did ok though, so I’m hoping for the best…

So here’s the image of the week (complimenting the relationship video I posted on Tuesday)…

and a friend posted this on Facebook (sharing is as easy as ever, isn’t it?)

Inspiring, right?

And you know what? Although I was never a fan of Justin Bieber, nor a hater of him (okay, I might be a bit of a ‘hater’ of Bieber…), I guess he gained my respect by now. I gotta say that he’s talented and even though at first he can only sing ‘baby baby baby oooohhh~’… the new Christmas hit ‘Mistletoe’ is quite good. And you know what? That song is quite hard to be sung! Seriously, (well, I know that I have no talent in singing and music, but seriously that song is hard… well at least for me). Here’s my attempt on singing Mistletoe… Well, I had fun.

What I learn from my experience of hating/respecting JB is that… even though you do absolutely nothing wrong, there will always be people who will hate you for no apparent reason. But what you can do is that keep proving yourself that you are not what they think. A friend at church once told me: one just needs to be red enough to be red.

“I learn this when I use the Microsoft Word. You know that there’s the colour palette, right? Once, I want to choose the colour of red, then suddenly a question pops into my head, ‘When should I say that red is red?’ “

“If I move the cursor, I feel like all of them are red. But when will others see it as a definite ‘red’? There will be the time that when I stopped at a point, and I know, it’s red. Other people will also see it as red. Then I learn a philosophy in my life, ‘You have to be red enough to be red.’”

“If you already be red enough, no one can tell you that you are pink, or magenta, or fuchsia. People will say, ‘You’re red’. If someone convicts you, saying that you are not red even when you think that you already are, that simply means that you are not red enough.”

And again, out of boredom of studying psych, I did another cover (kinda a failed attempt, but who cares) on the song The Call – Regina Spektor.

Oh, another story’s up yesterday, check out: From student to biz wiz: Ivan Tandyo. (the friend who gave me the ‘you need to be red enough to be red’ philosophy).

And tomorrow’s review will be about the new movie: Midnight in Paris.

Happy Thursday people… I hope you have finished your exams… (it’s so sad that I haven’t…) Well, keep up the spirit!


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