Tuesday’s Tale: The One Days: HK – Dream Line

This story is one of my favourite. Produced by WongFu Production, it tells a story about a soon-to-be-separated couple in HK. It is apparent that both of them want to savor the moments that they have left, and even though it is not explicitly said in the video, the couple must have loved each other so much. Which girl who is not happy to have a guy who actually ‘wins’ the bet, but still let the girl wins anyway?

Upon watching this, I begin to think about long distance relationship. People have different opinions, I know. Some say that LD can’t possibly work, others think that LD will strengthen your love. Well in the end, it’s up to you.

The One Days: HK – Dream Line

A couple spend a carefree day together with the underlying knowledge that they may soon have to separate. The two share bittersweet memories as they recall their time together in the busy city. From the subway to the ferry, Hong Kong’s public transportation carries their story and also acts as a metaphor for the future of their relationship. Written as a prequel to “The Spare” (VC Film Fest 2008). Shot in one day in Hong Kong.


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