The Three Musketeers (2011)

mp’s rating: 3/5

Despite its bad rating and not-too-good comments, I have decided from the first time the trailer is out, I would watch this movie. And I did.

It was not as bad as I thought, but still I was quite disappointed. To be honest, I like the 1993 version better, the story is clear, the character is better developed, and the fact that I still remember the movie until now despite its old age is quite self-explanatory, don’t you think?

The Three Musketeers (2011) is full of actions, colours, and side effects. Yet the plot story is not there. We all know about Athos aka the ‘leader’ or the thinker, Pothos who usually relies on brute force and do not think much, and Aramis the more silent and serious one. Then we know about Milady who falls in love with Athos, but like Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes (2009), she can’t go against her ‘adventurous’ nature.

The only comment that I get from my friends who watch this movie is that, “D’ Artagnan’s girlfriend is so pretty,” but I don’t really find her that pretty (hmm, gender bias here?).

What the movie was lacking the most is the development of the character. I didn’t see any good plot, despite of being a very well-known classic story. Okay, it might not be based on the book, but still in this new-three-musketeers-who-develops-its-own-story, I still did not see any strong plot. What about their background? Their personality? I only see bits and pieces here and there, and the audience is left to arrange the incomplete jigsaw puzzles by ourselves.

The performance of Orlando Bloom, I might say, is disappointing. I don’t think he is a suitable actor for his role (an antagonist one). Milla Jovovich is good for her role, but I only find the actor who plays Aramis is suitable, and not for the other three musketeers (Athos, Pothos, and D’ Artagnan). The one who plays the king is very good actually, and I guess he is one of the most developed character in this movie (a bit irony here?).

However, I gotta say that the costume designer is very creative (thumbs up for whoever it is), and of course, the side effects are very good, and there are some jokes used along the movie. It is light and entertaining (it somehow reminds me of watching The Golden Compass (2007) all over again). However, if you are looking for a movie on par with Sherlock Holmes (2009), Pirates series, or A Knight’s Tale (2001), you might want to skip this one and go watch the next movie on your list.


2 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers (2011)

  1. Hi Sophie! Nah, I haven’t watched the movie in 3D. I am not a fan of 3D though, it makes me dizzy sometimes. But glad that you enjoy the movie nevertheless ;p. we need good entertainment! lol.

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