Life updated: SWOT Vac – studying with overtempted vacation

Does the word ‘overtempted’ exist? Maybe not, but it’s hard to change the acronym. Haha, anyway, here’s how my SWOT vac’s been: overtempted.

Tempted to not studying, to watch the new episode of How I met your mother, to eat more, to sleep more, to avoid lecture notes and essay in any way possible, and not to think that my exam is on Monday, and my essay is due on Wednesday (plus the portfolio that I must hand in this Friday). Life’s good.

The good news is, I’ll be going to Sydney after exam! 23-26 November, with my sister. I can already imagine the scallops in the Fish Market calling my name and… Okay, cut the daydreaming. Gosh I wish I have no exams. I think life will be better if we have no exam. People in Japan have tried to kill themselves for not being able to handle the pressure of exams. Students have sacrificed their physical health and mental health in order to study. *sigh. Besides, almost all students will forget everything they learned one hour after the exam…

Yet until the world invented new education system, I still need to face exams, exams, and more exams…

So news of the week? Sadly, there are none. I rarely read newspaper in the past week. Even when Qantas grounded issue has turned into a big and major issue… Oh wait a minute (just read this one minute ago), this is quite interesting: Honey I’m a millionaire! Now get out of my house

“One British man struck gold on a popular game show, then dumped his fiancee – giving her just £60 of his £1 million fortune for a cab fare home.”

Take-home lesson: girls, find a guy who wouldn’t trade you for money! He gotta love you more than those dollars…

Image of the week? I know this one is an old circulating ‘story’, but for those of you who never read it, have a good laugh!

And another one…

Mine: genuine, passionate, talented, and thoughtful. Well according to psychology, you are biased towards your own ‘characteristics’. This is only proven with anxious people who show attentional bias towards negative words… I don’t think this one is true (well serendipity plays a lot of role here), but it’s fun nevertheless =D.

Tomorrow’s review will be about The Three Musketeers (2011).  I know, it might be not good, but sometimes you just need to watch first to be convinced, right?

Happy Thursday guys, I hope I’ll be able to study some more…


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