Right brain, wrong college: how to know your own learning style

Have you ever been bored in class wondering why everything seems to be going right over your head? Yes, I do.

The reason may not be because you are lazy or hate studying but it could be because the class lecture doesn’t match your learning style.

In her book “Right Brain, Wrong College“, Vicki Kunkel describes three different types of learner: audio, visual and kinesthetic learner. She also gives the tips on how to take advantage of your own learning style. Different styles need different approaches to maximum learning, so find out yours.

My dominant learning style is kinesthetic (no surprise there, I have never been able to concentrate in lectures; I always study with a pen, i.e. to turn it around; I always write every word of my lecture notes to my own notes, not because I want to, but because I need to do some physical activity while I’m studying; and I need frequent breaks from my studies and I am easily distracted with anything else), with 9 points.

Upon my experience of buying IKEA furniture, I decided to discard any information kit whatsoever and try to build the chair myself, and come back to the instruction manual when I was desperate. I tend to excuse myself with ironing and washing the dishes when I’m stuck, while I’m actually thinking of something over and over again in my head.

Now it makes sense why my secondary learning style is visual, with 6 points, and my audio is 4.

It is a very big revelation, and I hope I would be able to study better now.

So have you figured out your own type of learning?


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